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English Sentence Completion Online Test 1

Test Name English Sentence Completion Test
Subject English
Test Type Mcqs
Total Question 20
Total Marks 40
Total Time 20
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Sentence completion tests referred to as class of semi-structured projective techniques. Sentence completion tests typically provide respondents with beginnings of sentences, concerned with “stems”, and respondents then complete the sentences in ways that are meaningful to them. In all english test sentence completion is integral part of section one in which you have to complete the phrase or sentence within grammatical rules accordingly.You can start the preparation about this section by going on following online mcqs question answer in a systematic way as well.

English Sentence Completion Online Test 1 Question Answer Mcqs


1. It is ___________ for every tax-payer to ________ the tax returns to the Income Tex Department.

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2. I don’t ________ I shall be ________ to go.

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3. The boy felt __________ when he knew that he had been ___________.

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4. The secretary _______ the society’s funds, __________ he was dismissed.

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5. The man who is impatient to become rich can easily be __________ to the race track or the gaming table, where a lucky __________ might make him rich.

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6. There are attempts being made to try to _________ languages through specific __________, but ht result is that some tongues become conserved as if they were a museum piece.

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7. In Buddhism, it is impossible to keep ethics and psychology _________ from one another, because they __________ at so many points.

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8. The security forces fired at the __________ who was armed to the ___________

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9. Fiction approximates to science, first in accepting the obligation of being __________ to life as it is, and secondly, in asserting the right to __________.

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10. Restlessness among the students of colleges and universities has ___________ from their deep rooted feeling that their views and aspirations are ________ by their views and aspirations are ___________ by their elders

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11. __________ the broker had warned him that the stock was a __________ investment, he insisted on buying a thousand shares.

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12. Shalini was not ______ by the criticism and paid no ___________ even when her best friend talked against her.

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13. The educational __________ of our people is far below what is necessary for effective individual living or for the ________ of society.

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14. We must prevent endangered wild species from becoming _________ in order that our future generation may ________ the great diversity of animal life.

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15. India’s immense physical size, as also the fact of its _________ society _______ any attempt towards a neat capsule presentation on any subject.

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