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English Sentence Completion Online Test 2

Test Name Sentence Completion Test
Subject English
Test Type Mcqs
Total Question 20
Total Marks 40
Total Time 20
Test Help For
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  • English Language Course
  • Sentence Completion Test
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Sentence completion test is concerned with  to as class of semi-structured projective techniques. Rules and tips regarding it are going to present here in form of question answer mcqs according to requirements as well.This test typically provide respondents with beginnings of sentences, concerned with “stems”, and respondents then complete the sentences in ways that are meaningful to them.You may start your preparation by attempting the following Quiz within an prescribed time allowed.

English Sentence Completion Online Test 2 Mcqs Quiz


1. Only when _________ failed, the police resorted to _________.

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2. The speech ________ with subtle threats has resulted in ___________ tension in the sensitive areas of the city.

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3. Cholesterol has long been identified as a silent killer because the patient has no __________ of the danger freely ________ his system.

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4. Many of us who __________ rational-emotive therapy are ___________ tense, angry or depressed.

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5. Unfortunately, trade unions and organizations of various denominations have failed to realize that _________ understanding, positive attitude and constructive approach are basic requirements to make unions work on _______ lines.

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6. The impact of Western culture on India was the impact of a __________ society, of a modern consciousness on a __________ society wedded to medieval habits of thought.

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7. The prime minister said that the ________ to increase employment will be _________ on the efforts to raise productivity in the economy.

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8. If we do not take __________ care in our industry, we will have to _________ a grave problem.

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9. The practice of painting slogans on rock faces, once a thriving industry in Britain, has fallen into ________ but there has recently been a (an) __________ in country Antrim.

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10. With the realization, we have found ourselves left with _________ moral values and little ethical __________.

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11. Insurance companies are perfectly _______ of the greed some people show in _________ illnesses in order to get big settlements in the courts.

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12. He gave me an additional _________ of र 200 a month by __________ of the Commissioner.

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13. I am not __________ to sell you may house unless you offer a more __________ price.

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14. I have just the memory of my father to ___________ now, but my faith in him has never been ________.

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15. Despite their strong resentment the tribals _________ the new laws as long as the government officials did not _______ them to strenuously.

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