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English Sentence Completion Online Test 3

Test Name English Sentence Completion Test
Subject English
Test Type Mcqs
Total Question 20
Total Marks 40
Total Time 20
Test Help For
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  • English Language Course
  • Sentence Completion Test
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Sentence completion test is relates to as the class of semi-structured projective techniques. Rules and tips regarding making those ones are going to present here in form of question answer mcqs according to requirements as well.This test typically provide respondents with beginnings of sentences, concerned with “stems”, and respondents then complete the sentences in ways that are meaningful to them.You may take this channel as for getting high level of your preparation accordingly. Series of 20 Online Questions answers are being given below with in prescribed time of twenty minutes.

English Sentence Completion Online Test 3 Solved  Mcqs


1. The war __________ immediately after the case-fire proposal was __________ bilaterally.

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2. Due to __________ rainfall this year, they had to _________ cut in water supply.

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3. When it comes to back stabbing, a quill ________ be _________ than a dagger.

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4. A dramatic __________ on cinema of the life of Phoolan Devi is __________ protests from some people.

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5. Any system is likely to __________ for __________ of support from the public.

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6. What __________ one is the total absence of a coherent programmed either on the part of the ruling or the opposition party to give a _________ to the poverty-stricken people that something will be really done to improve their condition.

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7. It appears that in those drought-stricken areas hunger had _______ hundreds of persons to mere ____________.

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8. Some people have the ___________ for learning foreign languages but they have no ___________ in speaking any.

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9. In a free and democratic country, each and every person has rights as well as duties and it is of ________ importance that everything’s is ________ in the right perspective.

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10. He is usually __________, but today he appears rather __________.

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11. The __________ man treated everyone in a _________ manner.

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12. Knowing that Renu had a good vocabulary, the teacher __________ her to _________ an essay for the inter school competition.

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13. He was too __________ to __________ that he had been wrong.

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14. Those suffering from glaucoma find that their ________ vision is ________ and that they can no longer see objects not directly in front of them.

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15. The education minister emphasized the need to discover and _________ each student’s _________ talents.

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