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Enzymes Test Online Question Answer

Test Name Enzymes Test
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Enzymes are protein molecules in cells which work as catalysts. It is speed up chemical reactions in the body, but do not get used up in the process. Almost all biochemical reactions in living things need enzymes. With an enzyme, chemical reactions go much faster than they would without the enzyme.Enzymes are highly selective catalysts, meaning that each enzyme only speeds up a specific reaction. The molecules that an enzyme works with are called substrates. The substrates bind to a region on the enzyme called the active site. There are two theories explaining the enzyme-substrate interaction.Here you can get complete list of online mcqs in form of quiz in order to get preparation with respect to Medical sciences admission and tests as well.

Enzymes Test Online Question Answer Mcqs


1. Enzymes increase the rate of reactions by:

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2. If a man is exposed to an environment of 100% oxygen, the concentration of which enzyme is increased in lungs

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3. Compounds structurally similar to substrate and inducing enzyme synthesis are:

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4. One of the following is an example of an enzyme:

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5. In the case of competitive inhibition of an enzyme

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6. An example of irreversible inhibition is the action of nerve gas poisons on:

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7. Cytichrome oxidase is an example of:

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8. of the reaction almost doubles with 10°C rise in temperature called as …… of an enzyme

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9. The active site of an enzyme is formed by:

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10. Hydrogen cyanide is an example of:

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11. Endopeptidase of plant kingdom is:

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12. In a chemical reaction, the

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