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Gas Exchange and Transport Test Online Question Answer

Test Name Gas Exchange Transport Test
Subject Biology
Test Type Mcqs
Total Question 20
Total Marks 40
Total Time 20
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  • Biology Concepts
  • NEET-UG Entrance Exam
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Gas exchange is the delivery of oxygen from the lungs to the bloodstream, and the elimination of carbon dioxide from the bloodstream to the lungs. It occurs in the lungs between the alveoli and a network of tiny blood vessels called capillaries, which are located in the walls of the alveoli.As the oxygen rich blood reaches the capillaries gas exchange occurs, oxygen is delivered to the tissues and de-oxygenated blood leaves the tissues of the body and flows back to the heart where it is pumped to the lungs via the pulmonary arteries.There are twenty questions in number are going to publish here for your preparation with respect to Biology.Just take quick access on Gas Exchange Transport Test Online over here and get instant result against your attempt that how much prepare you are.

Gas Exchange and Transport Test Online Question Answer


1. Which of the following animal has no blood but respires?

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2. Kerb cycle beings with:

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3. The rate of breathing is lowest when we are:

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4. In which form CO₂ is carried in the blood?

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5. Carbon dioxide release is accelerated in lungs by an enzyme known as:

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6. A iron-containing protein myoglobin is present in the:

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7. Chloride shift is essential for:

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8. Lack of oxygen in body fluids is known as:

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9. Amount of air exchanged in breathing can be measured with a:

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10. The phenomenon in which skin turning blue due to excessive amount of deoxygenated  haemoglobin in the skin blood vessels is known as:

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11. Oxygen dissociation curve of haemoglobin is:

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12. In anaerobic respiration the pyruvic acid in muscles will form:

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13. Whales respires through:

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14. Which of the following vitamins is essential for hydrogen carrier and electron transport system?

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15. In an asthmatic patient, the size of the kung gradually:

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16. The end product of Kerb cycle is:

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17. Excess of carbon dioxide in the body fluids is known as:

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18. The organs of sound production in bird is:

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19. Which animal has a double trachea?

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20. Pyruvic acid, ATP and energy are the end product of:

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