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GAT ECE Mock Test Preparation Online

Test Name GAT ECE Mock Test
Subject Mock Test
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 60
Total Marks 120
Total Time 40 Minutes
Test Help For
  • GAT ECE Test.
  • General Knowledge.
  • Entry Test.
  • IIT Guwahati Test.
  • M.Tech Programme.
  • Electronics Engineering.
  • Admissions Entrance Exams.
  • IITs Test.
  • NITs Test.
  • IIITs Test.

Electronics and Communication engineering is also abbreviated as ECE, is one of the engineering branches which are being covered by GATE admissions entrance examination. GATE Cutoff for ECE include the qualifying marks required for admissions to M.Tech programme in ECE and the minimum marks required by candidates to score in the ECE in order to be considered eligible for admissions at IITs, NITs, IIITs and other centrally funded institutes. GATE cutoff for ECE varies from branch to branch and institute to institute.

Take following test online to prepare your self through General Knowledge, Sample papers, Solved Past Papers, syllabus wise.

GAT ECE Mock Test Preparation Online


1. mark reviewThe Newton-Raphson method fails when

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2. mark reviewIf the input to the ideal comparator shown in the figure is a sinusoidal signal of 12 V (peak to peak) without any DC component then the output of the comparator has a duty cycle of

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3. mark reviewIn the following question, a capitalized pair of words is followed by four pairs of numbered words. Three of the numbered pairs exhibit the same relation between the words as does the capitalized pair of words. Identify the numbered pair which does not exhibit the same relationship as the capitalized pair and mark its number as your answer.


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4. mark reviewSelect the correct alternative from the given choices.

How many four-digit numbers are there between 3200 and 7300, in which the digits 6,8 and 9 do not appear?

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5. mark reviewFill in the blanks in the given sentences so as to make the best sense. Select the correct word from the answer choices and mark its number as the answer

Rainfall--------------the work being done by the fire-fighters at the site of the tragedy.

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6. mark reviewIn the transistor circuit below ICBO=2μA at 25°C and doubles for every 10°C increase in temperature. Then find maximum allowable value of RB if transistor is to remain cut off at 75°C and assume VBE (cut off)=-0.1 V

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7. mark reviewFor the above question calculate the angle at which the main beam is placed for this phase distribution?


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8. mark reviewThe voltage across nodes AB for the circuit shown is?

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9. mark reviewA p - type silicon specimen is exhibiting hall effect, given Bz= 0.05 wb/m², Ey =750 v/cm, d=0.009 m, l=0.01 m, then the induced hall voltage in y-direction is?

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10. mark reviewThe trans conductance of a transistor as shown in figure is 10 mS. The value of the input resistance Rin is?

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11. mark reviewThis question has a word followed by four choices. From the choices, identify the one which is opposite in meaning (antonym) to the main word and mark its number as your answer.


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12. mark reviewHilbert transforms {h(t)} are connected in series than output of the function for given input, is?

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13. mark reviewA diode circuit (a) whose V-I characteristics are shown in Fig (b), the load current is?

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14. mark reviewIn the given figure voltage divider bias circuit shown. What is the value of V0? (β=50) (VBE =0.6 V)

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15. mark reviewFor a logic family VOH is minimum output high level voltage

Vol is the maximum output low level voltage

VIH is minimum acceptable input high level value

VIL is the maximum acceptable input low level voltage

The correct relationship among these voltages is?

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