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GATE Electrical Engineering Paper Test 2 Online

Test Name GATE Electrical Engineering Paper Test
Subject GATE
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 40
Total Marks 80
Total Time 40 Minutes
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GATE Electrical Engineering deals with the topics of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. It now covers a wide range of subtopics including power, electronics, control systems, signal processing and telecommunications. Electrical engineers work on power plants, computers, and other electrical devices. Electrical engineers are designing the dashboard computers that will monitor engine functions on automobiles of the future. For superior your preparation previous papers selective questions answer available for must check your knowledge before appear in exams.

GATE Electrical Engineering Paper Test 2 Online


1. Given (125)R = (203), the value of radix R will be

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2. In the circuit shown in figure, if I = 1.5 A, then I will be

Test Paper 4.9

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3. For a quadrupole electric potential varies as


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4. Which of the following resistances has better frequency response

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5. If the input signal ei applied to the op-amp of the circuit shown in the given figure is sinusoidal of maximum value 1 mV and of 1 kHz frequency. Then the magnitude of the peak value of the output voltage waveform would be

Test Paper 4.6

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6. The RMS value of a half-wave rectified symmetrical square wave current of 2 A is

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7. The open-loop transfer function of a system is given by G(S) = K/S(S+2)(S+4). The value of K which will cause sustained oscillations in the closed-loop unity feedback system is

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8. If the no. of bits input and output codes in 4 and 8 respectively for a ROM then the memory of this chip is equal to

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9. The unit of electric intensity is

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10. The output time period of a transistorised monostable multivibrator using base resistor Rb and coupling capacitor Cb for the output transtor is given by

(a) Rb Cb

(b) 0.69 Rb Cb

(c) 2 Rb Cb

(d) 1.38 Rb Cb

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11. In a large capacity transformer, 5% of the turns at the end of hv winding are providing with extra insulation so as to provide protection

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12. If properly biased, JFET will act as a

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13. The span of a zero-centerd voltmeter having a scale from – 10 V to + 10 V is

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14. If –ve logic is used, the diode gate shown in the given figure will represent

Test Paper 4.5

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15. The wheatstone bridge method of resistance measurement is ideally suitable for the measure-ment of resistance values in the range of

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16. If the supply frequency of a pure capacitive circuit is tripled, the current will be

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17. The p.f. of an a.c. circuit lies between

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18. The minimal product of sums function described bu the K-map give in figure

Test Paper 4.8

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19. The circuit shown figure is equivalent to a load of

Test Paper 4.7

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20. A dc generator delivers 210 V on no load and 200 V on full-load. The voltage regulation of the dc generator is


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21. A current (shown in the given figure) passes through a pure inductance of 3 mH. The instantaneous power, in watts, during 0 < t < 2 ms is:

Test Paper 5.10

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22. In an R-L-C circuit susceptance is equal to

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23. If Rg in the circuit shown in the given figure is variable between 20 Ω and 80 Ω then the maximum power transferred to load RL will be

Test Paper 4.2

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24. A sphere of radii 1 m can attain a maximum potential of


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25. The capacity of a battery is expressed in

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26. The transfer function of a system is 10/1+S. When operated as a unity feedback system the steady state error to a unit step will be

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27. The internal resistance of a saturated Weston standard cell is of the order of

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28. In dc generators, the residual magnetism is of the order of


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29. The closed-loop of the system in R(S) the given figure is

Test Paper 4.3

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30. A half-wave thyristor converter supplies a purely inductive load, as shown in figure. If the triggering angle of the thyristor is 120°, the extinction angle will be

Test Paper 5.11

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31. A computer system has a cache memory of 64 kb, ROM of 32 kb and RAM of 512 kb. What is the maximum capacity of the memory available to a programmer?


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32. The instrument most likely to be affected by change of frequency

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33. Core loss in a transformer is usually


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34. An electromagnetic field is radiated from

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35. An average response rectifier type electronic ac voltmeter has a dc voltage of 10 V applied to it. The meter reading will be

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36. In the bridge given in figure, the reading of the high impedance voltmeter is

Test Paper 4.1

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37. The power input to synchronous motor operating at constant supply voltage and constant excitation will be maximum when load angle

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38. A salient pole synchronous generator connected to an infinite bus will deliver maximum power at a power angle to

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39. For the oscillator shown in figure, the expression for the time period of oscillation can be given by (where τ = RC)

Test Paper 5.12

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40. Common mode voltage is completely attenuated at the output to the differential amplifier shown in the given figure if

Test Paper 4.4

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