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GATE Electrical Engineering Test Paper Online

Test Name GATE Electrical Engineering Test Paper
Subject GATE
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 40
Total Marks 80
Total Time 40 Minutes
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GATE Electrical Engineering is though one field of the core Engineering Departments. GATE Electrical Engineering Exam qualify and score also hard to get position. We offered you and give you some good practice on Electrical Engineering. GATE EE exams preparation through previous papers practice also mange here at from.

GATE Electrical Engineering Test Paper Online



1. The voltage generated in concentrated winding is … than distributed winding.


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2. An Amplifier has a gain of 10,000 expressed in decibels the gain is

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3. Which of the following is not electromagnetic in nature?

  1. Alpha rays
  2. X-rays
  3. Gamma rays
  4. Cathode rays

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4. Two 1-ф transformers with equal turn have impedance of (0.5 + j 0.3)Ω and (0.6 + j 10) Ω with respect to the secondary if they operate in parallel, how will they share a load of 10 kW at 0.8 pf lagging.

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5. Thermal runway and pinch off phenomena are associated with


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6. The circuit shown in figure, is a

Paper 1.15

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7. For the system shown in fig, with a damping ratio of 0.7 and an undamped natural frequency wn of 4 rad/sec, the value of ‘k’ and ‘a’ are

Paper 1.6

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8. Across the surface of a charged conductor, the electric?


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9. If the circuit shown in fig R is variable from zero to α. For maximum power to the delivered to R the value of R should be

Paper 1.3

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10. The current in resistor R shown in figure will be

Paper 1.14

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11. If the fault current is 2000 A, the relay setting is 50% and ratio is 400.5. The plug setting multiplier will be


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12. Lissajous figures are used in a CRO while measuring


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13. The operating voltage of a meggar is


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14. The equivalent capacitance of the following circuit is

Paper 1.11.

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15. If an alternator is operating at lagging power factor, its voltage regulation will always be


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16. The CMRR of the differential amp. Of given fig. is equal to:

Paper 1.9

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17. Let the magnitude of the gain in inverting op-amp amplifier ckt shown in fig. be x with switch s open. When switch s is closed the magnitude of gain becomes.

Paper 1.7

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18. The circuit shown in figure, is a

Paper 1.16

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19. If ‘X’ is the system reactance and ‘R’ its resistance the power transmitted is maximum when

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20. Which type of motor is most suitable for computer printer drive.

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21. The following m/c is used as transmission line regulator


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22. In the lattice network, find the value of R for the maximum power transfer to the load

Paper 1.13

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23. A non-inverting op-Amp amplifier is shown in fig. The output voltage V₀ is

Paper 1.5

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24. The equivalent capacitance across a b will be

Paper 1.10

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25. A series conductor device which is similar to two SCR’s is


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26. If the Laplace transform of the voltage across a capacitor of value of ½ F is

VC(s) = s+1/s³+s²+s+1

The value of the current through the capacitor at t = 0 is

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27. In the series RC ckt shown in fig., the voltage across C starts increasing the d. c. source is switched on. The rate of increase of voltage across C at the instant just after the switch is closed (i.e., at t = 0*), will be

Paper 1.8

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28. An induction meter can handle current up to

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29. The resonant frequency of the series circuit in given figure is

Paper 1.1

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30. A high Q coil has


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31. The voltage across R after t = 0 and t = 10 sec. will be

Paper 1.12

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32. The Boolean expression for the output of the logic ckt shown in flg.

Paper 1.4

Paper 1.4.1

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33. The number of Boolean function that can be generated by a variable us equal is equal to

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34. The breakdown stress of atmospheric air is approximately


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35. Which material is used in controlling chain reaction in a nuclear reactor:

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36. Scott connections are used for

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37. Impulse ratio of rod gap is


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38. The pitch of arc with 96 stator slots and 6 pole is

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39. A water boiler at home is switched on the a.c. mains supplying power at 230 V/50 Hz. The frequency of instantaneous power consumed by the boiler is


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40. The voltmeter reading in the following circuit would be

Paper 1.2

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