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GATE Electronics and Communication Test Paper 2 Online

Test Name GATE Electronics and Communication Test Paper
Subject GATE
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 40
Total Marks 80
Total Time 40 Minutes
Test Help For
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GATE Electronics and Communication deals with implementation of applications, principles and algorithms developed within many related fields. ECE course also afford enormous job opportunities in electronics and software companies. All electronic devices need software interface to run and come with one other or other device controlling programs architect ed and developed by GATE electronics and communication engineering. This test covers all subjects topics of GATE ECE test for preparation online through Mcqs questions and answers.

Take following Mcqs test for check your knowledge before appear in examinations..

GATE Electronics and Communication Test Paper 2 Online


1. Te ckt is that of

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2. The phase velocity v in a transmission line is:

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3. In a transistor amplifier, ICQ = 5 mA and ac collector current of 1 mA peak flows into a load of 1kΩ. The average dc power dissipated in the load is:

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4. The ckt shown below is that of:

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5. High cut-off frequency can be expected in case of:

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6. In the ckt shown β = 99, VEB = 0.6. The operating point VC, Ic are given by

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7. In a bipolar transistor at room temperature, of the emitter current is doubled the voltage across its base-emitter function.

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8. The power spectral density a deterministic signal is given by [sin(f)/f2] where f is frequency. The auto correlation function of this signal in the time domain is:

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9. A constant N - circle having centre at (-1/2, jO) in the G-plane, represents the phase angle equal to:

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10. The Thevenin equivalent voltage VTH appearing between the terminals A and B of the network shown in the figure in given by:

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11. How many 1/0 ports can be accessed by memory mapped method?

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12. Flat top sampling of low pass signals

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13. The advantage of using a dual slope ADC in a digital voltmeter is that

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14. In the given below.
S is open . V0 = 6, I0 = 0
When Sis closed at t = 0. The values of i and di/dt at t = 0 are given by:

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15. Schottky clamping is restored in TTL gates:

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16. Which of the following steps will help in frequency stablisation of an oscillator?

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17. Foe successive approximation, with N output bits number of clock required is:

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18. The Fourier transform of a real valued time signal has ...... symmetry

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19. The number of link branches in a graph of 6 nodes and 9 branches is:

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20. In the given ckt:
v = cos t. The current I is given by:

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21. A differential amplifier has RL = 10 k (for both collectors) hre = 1k, Re = 50k, hfe = 100. The common mode gain is given by:

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22. If the conductivity of the copper is 5.8 x 107 mho/m and its relative permeability and permittivity is unity, then its refractive index at 10 MHz will be:

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23. CurrentCurrent marked I is given by:

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24. 2H = μ0ε2H/∂+2 is a:

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25. A rectangular pulse of duration T is applied to a filter matched to this input. The output of the filter is a:

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26. differentN contains sources and resistors. I is given for different values of R
I = 1 for R = 2
I = 3/2 for R = 1
Value of 1 for R = 0 is given by

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27. How many and what are the machine cycles needed for execution of XTHL?

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28. The positive number 0.0001 is to subtracted from 0.0011. the arithmetic unit of a computer would perform by adding:

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29. For the resonance circuit shown. ω0 = 105 , Q = 50, R = 400 Ω. The value of C is given by

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30. Given for an FET, gm = 9.5 mA/volt, total capacitance = 500 pF. For a voltage gain of -30 the bandwidth will be:

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31. A coil with a 100 XL at 3 MHz and 100Ωinternal resistance has a value of Q

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32. Ck voltage

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33. For a Schmitt trigger, the upper and lower trip voltages are 3V and 1V; and high and low states are 15V and 2V. The output for sinusoidal input of 10V peak will lie between

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34. An instruction used to get the carry flag in a computer can be classified as:

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35. The Fourier transform of unit step function is given by:

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36. The diffusion capacitance of a forward biased p-n junction diode varies:

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37. The trigonometrical Fourier series of an even function of time does not have the

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38. The given ckt represents a:

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39. What should be the oscillator frequency for tunning in 90 MHz on a FM radio with 110.7 MHIF?

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40. Bridge rectifiers are preferred because:

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