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GATE Electronics and Communication Online Test Paper 3

Test Name GATE Electronics and Communication Online Test Paper
Subject GATE
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 40
Total Marks 80
Total Time 40 Minutes
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GATE aspirant of Electronics and Communication engineering would be aware of its syllabus. However, proper preparation before the exam can get a good rank in the examination. For the GATE test more effectively result it’s important that Testing the level of preparation by solving the previous GATE questions and attempting quizzes online tests are most helpful for your knowledge. So take GATE ECE papers test mcqs and test your qualification.

GATE Electronics and Communication Online Test Paper 3


1. In a PCM system with uniform quantization increasing the number of bits from 8 to 9 will reduce the quantization noise power by a factor of:

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2. Flat top sampling of low pars sign

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3. The driving point impedance function for the network shown in the figure has:

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4. The velocity factor of a transmission line is 0.8. Electromagnetic waves travel down this line with a velocity of:

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5. The number 3.14159265 when truncated to five figure, would be

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6. A transmission line is terminated in a certain load resistance which causes 30% of the incident power to be reflected from the load. The load end VSWR is:

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7. The probability density function of the envelop of narrow band Gassian noise is:

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8. The Fourier transform of a voltage signal x(t) is x(f). The unit of x(f) is:

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9. The error response of a second order system a step input is obtained as:
E(t) = 1.66 e-st sin (6 t + 370)
The damping ratio is:

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10. A lossless transmission line is terminated in a miss matched load. If the normalised load impedance is (3+j4)Ω, the reflection coefficient is:

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11. The concentric spherical cells of a radii R1, R2, R3 (R< R2< R3) carry charges -1, -2 and 4 coulombs, respectively. The chrge in coulombs on the inner and outer surfaces respectively, of outermost shell is:

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12. Schottky clamping is stored to in TTL gates

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13. In one time constant, the current in a circuit reactive

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14. Function 3s/(s+1)(s+2)  has:

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15. The current transfer ratio l2(s)/l1(s) for the circuit shown in the figure is:

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The Z-transformer of the time function ∑  δ (n-k) is

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17. The circuit shown in figure is that of:

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18. Cache memory i logically positioned:

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19. What is the value of i (0+) and di/dt (0+) in the following ckt

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20. The first two rows of Routh's tabulation of a four order system are:
S4      1      10       5
S3      2      10
The number of roots of the system in lying on the right half of s-plane is:

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21. If V, w, q stand for voltage, energy and charge, then V can be expressed as:

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22. Inside a hallow conducting sphere

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23. The spectral density of a real valued random process has:

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24. The step error coefficient of a system
G(s) = 1/(s+6)(s+1)
with the unity feed back is

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25. The energy stored in the magnetic field of a solenoid 30 cm long and 3 cm diameter wound with 1000 turns of a wire carrying a current of 10 A is:

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26. Inverse Laplace transform of 10/s(s+1) is:

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27. Which of the following parts of the computer
L = Arithmetic logic unit
M = Memory
C = Control unit
required decoder (S) in their realization?

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28. In the given circuit, P is the power dissipated in R2. The total power dissipated in the circuit is:

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29. The transfer function of techometer is of the form:

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30. The greatest negative number which can be stored in computer that has 8-bit work length and uses '2' S complement arithmetic is:

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31. The junction capacitance of a varactor diode is 5pF with a verse bias of 4V. If this bias is increase to 16V, the capacitance would become

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32. The transfer function Y12(s) = l2(s)l1(s) for the network shown in the figure is:
(a) s2/s2 + s + 1
(b) s/s+1
(c) 1/s+1
(d) s+1/s2+1

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33. A 50Ω transmission line is terminated in a lead impedance of (50 + j 100)Ω. The normalised load impedance is

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34. Microprogramming is used in the design of:

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35. The driving point admittance function of the network shown in the figure has a:

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36. A retriggerable monoshot is one which

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37. The number of roots s3 + 5s2 + 7s + 3 = in the left half of the s-plane is:

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38. The octal value 710 can be written in hexadecimal as:

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39. The static characteristic of an adequately forward biased p-n junction is a straight line, if the plot is of:

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40. The amplitude spectrum of a gaussian pulse is:

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