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GATE Electronics and Communication Test Paper 1 Online

Test Name GATE Electronics and Communication Test Paper
Subject GATE
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 40
Total Marks 80
Total Time 40 Minutes
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Electronics and Communication engineering is also abbreviated as ECE, this subject is one of the engineering branches which are being covered by GATE examination. You can prepare your exams, test, admissions entry test according to GATE exams through proper pattern for Electronics and communication engineering. Our this page manage and covers all topics for preparation of examinations.

GATE Electronics and Communication Test Paper 1 Online


1. The range of signed decimal numbers that can be represented by 6-bit is complement number is

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2. A 10 mH inductor carries a sinusoidal current of 1 A rms at a frequency of 50 Hz. The average power dissipated by the inductor is:

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3. Two coils in differential connection have self-inductance of 2mH and 4 mH and mutual inductance of 0.15 mH. The equivalent inductance of the combination is:

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4. If we use 3 bits in the instruction word to indicate if an index register is to be used and if necessary which one is to be used than the number of index register to be used in the machine will be:

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5. The number 7 F 00 in Hexadecimal when multiplied by 16 is:

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6. In second order control system the value of the resonant peak will be unity when the damping ratio has a value of:

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7. If for a silicon n-p-n transistor, the base to emitter voltage (VBE) is 0.7 Vand the collector to base voltage (VCB) is 0.2V. Then the transistor is operating in the:

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8. The impedance of a parallel RLC network is Z(s) = 5s/s2+0.5s+100. The the value of RLC respectively

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9. Assume the op-amp to be ideal. The current I through the 1 k-ohm resistor is:
Current I

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10. The impurity commonly used for realising the base region of a silicon n-p-n transistor is:

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11. Block search is used to locate a record in a ordered file consisting of N records. The optimum size of the block is:

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12. An antenna, when radiating has a highly directional radiation pattern. When the antenna is receiving , its radiation pattern

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13. In the circuit shown in figure. |V0| = |V| for a certain set of values of ω, R and C.|V0| will remain as V even if:
Even RC

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14. The input to a controller is:

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15. At t = 0 the switch in the circuit shown is closed. The voltage VC (t) shown across the capacitor for t ≥ 0, is:

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16. An advantage of memory interlacing is that:

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17. Using the node method for circuit analysis, it is determined that the node voltage eb = 10. The value for V, in the diagram shown, is:

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18. The noise figure of an amplifier is 3 dB, its noise temperature will be about:

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19. The op-amp of figure has a very poor open loop voltage gain of 45 but otherwise it is ideal. The gain of the amplifier equals

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20. A filter is described by the circuit shown. If Vs(t) = A cos t + B cos 100 t, then V0(t) = α A cos (t + θ) + β B cos (100 t +Φ) where     |α/β| is:

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21. Figure shows the circuit diagram of a wien bridge oscillator using the op-amp. The frequency of oscillator is given by f = 1/2π CR. To have the system oscillate the ratio R2/R1 should be:
Free Space

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22. Which of the following is associated with optics:

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23. In integrated circuits electronics the basic universal gate is:

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24. A system has a word length of 4 bits. If in this system negative numbers are represented by their two's complement then the range of numbers that can be represented by the word length is:

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25. Six independent low pass signal of bandwidth 3ω, ω, ω, 2ω, and 2ω Hz are to time division multiplexer on a common channel using PAM. To achieve this, the minimum transmission bandwidth of the channel should be ..... Hz

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26. Schottky clamping is resorted to in TTL gates:

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27. The add cycle-time of a serial adder of 10-bit words and 1 MHz clock is:

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28. The intrinsic impedance of a lossy dielectric medium is given by:

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29. The function of a multiplexer is:

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30. The 120 V RMS circuit below has the following characteristics:
1. Phasor voltage across the capacitor VC = 100/RωC + j(ω2LC - 1)
2. Phasor current in the inductor is IL = 160jπ/2/R + j(ωL - 1/ωC)
The power dissipated in the 2 ohm resistor is given by:

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31. In a multiprocessor configuration, two co-processor are connected to the host 8086 processor. The two co-processor instruction sets:

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32. In time division multiplexion:

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33. It R is the record, D is the recording density and G is the gap length, then the tap utilization is given by:

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34. The driving point impedance Z(s) = s2+2s+2/s2+s+1 can be realized as a:

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35. An electromagnetic field is said to be conservative when

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36. An ideal op-amp is an ideal:

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37. A communication channel with additive white Gaussian noise, has a bandwidth of 4 kHz and SNR of 15. Its channel capacity is:

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38. In a 16-bit microprocessor words are stored in two consecutive memory locations. The entire word can be read in operations provided the first:

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39. An op-Amp has an offset voltage of 1 mV and is ideal in all other respect. If this op-amp is used in the circuit shown in figure, the output voltage will be (select the nearest value)
nearest value

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40. For the circuit shown below, the switched was closed for a long time before t = 0, At t = 0 the switched is opened. The voltage v(t) across the register and inductor is as shown below
long time

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