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GATE Mechanical Engineering Test Paper 3 Online Questions Answers

Test Name GATE Mechanical Engineering Test Paper
Subject GATE
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 40
Total Marks 80
Total Time 40 Minutes
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GATE papers topics are relatively more important for preparation in Mechanical Engineering subjects through previous recent organized test papers. It is highly recommended that Mechanical Engineering aspirants study the complete syllabus rather than just a few topics. This practice test series gives you an opportunity to boost your performance in the actual GATE examinations official.

GATE Mechanical Engineering Test Paper 3 Online


1. For a closed system, the difference betn the heat added o the system and the work done by the system is equal to the change in:

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2. A machine of 100 kg mass has a 20 kg rotor with 0.5 mm eccentricity. The mounting spring have stiffness 85 kN/m and damping is neglected. If operating speed is 20 π rad/s and the unit is contracted to move vertically, the dynamic amplitude of the machine will be:

A) 0.470 x 10-4 m

B) 1.000 x 10-4 m

C) 1.270 x 10-4 m

D) 2.540 x 10-4 m

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3. The derivative of f (x, b) at point (1, 2) in the direction of vector i + j is 2√2 and in the direction of the vector -2.5 is -3. Then the derivative of f (x, y) in direction -i - 2j is:

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4. A condenser of a refrigeration system rejects heat at a rate of 120 kW, while its compressor consumes a power of 30 kW. The coefficient of performance of the system would be:

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5. A system undergoes a change of state during which 100 KJ heat is transferred to it and it does 50 KJ of work. The system is brought back to its original state through a process during which 120 KJ of heat is transferred to it. The work done by the system is:

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6. In a saturated air-water vapor mixtures:

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7. Stroke of a shaping machine is 250 mm. It makes 30 double strokes per minute. Overall average speed of operation is:

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8. The distance of shear centre 'e' is given by:


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9. The solutions of the equations

2x + 3y = 1, x - y = 4, 4x - y = α will exists if α is equal to:

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10. M - θ relationship for a simply supported beam shown below is given by:


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11. For a magnetic material when temperature is raised above Curie temperature, the material will become:

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12. For a circular column having its ends hinged, the slenderness ratio is 160. The L/d ratio of the column is:

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13. The Hall co-efficient of an intrinsic semi-conductor is:

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14. How much heat is given off when 4 kg water cools from 80oC to 10oC?

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15. What is the frequency of light at wavelength 3 x 10-3 cm?

A) 1 x 1013

B) 2.2 x 10-31

C) 9 x 107

D) 2.64 x 10-36

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16. A mass of the 1 kg is attached to the end of a spring with a stiffness 0.7 N/mm. The critical damping coefficient of this system is:

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17. In a typical metal cutting operating, using a cutting tool of positive rake γ = 10o, it was observed that the shear angle was 20o. The friction angle is:

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18. 12

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19. A milling cutter having 8 teeth is rotating at 150 rpm. If the feed per tooth is of the table, speed in mm per minute is:

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20. In 1:20 model of a stilling basin the height of the hydraulic jump in the model is observed to be 0.20 meter. The height of the hydraulic jump in the prototype will be:

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21. Relative humidity desired in textile industries is of the order of:

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22. Which surface will have the least emissivity?

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23. A harbor model has a horizontal scale of 1/150 and a vertical scale of 1/60. The interval between successive high tides in the model will be nearly:

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24. Which of the following metal/alloy has maximum contraction on solidification?

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25. Cutting power consumption in turning can be significantly reduced by:

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26. 7

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27. In which engine the charge consist of air + fuel + lubricant oil?

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28. In a single degree of freedom vibration system, the undamped natural frequency is __________ the damped natural frequency.

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29. A gas turbine plant has a specific output of 350 KJ/kg and an efficiency of 34%. A re-generator is installed and the efficiency omcreases to 51%. The specific output will be closest to:

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30. A sheet of water from the jet as shown is deflected by the fixed vane. The ratio of the normal force component to the streamwise force component is:


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31. A shaft has two heavy rotors mounted on it. The transverse natural frequencies, considering each of the rotor separately, are 1000 cycles/sec and 200 cycles/sec respectively. The lowest critical speed is:

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32. Consider a two stage reciprocating air compressor with a perfect inter cooler operating at the best intermediate pressure. Air enters the 100 pressure cylinder at 1 bar, 27oC and leaves the high pressure cylinder at 9 bar. Assume the index of compression and expansion in each stage is 1.4 and that for air R = 286.7 J/kgK. The work done per kg air in the high pressure cylinder is:

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33. A sphere weight 10 lb in air and is submerged in a container of liquid with a specific weight of 70 lb/ft2. If the volume of the sphere is 0.1 ft3, find the reading on the scale, w


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34. The slenderness ratio of a column is zero, when:

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35. Which thermocouple can be used for -50oC temperature:

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36. A ductile feature is usually not preceded by:

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37. The deflection of the beam shown in figure, at the free end will be:


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38. A block of metal is heated well above the room temperature and then left to cool in the room. Which of the graph shown in figure below, correctly represents the rate of cooling:


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39. Free cutting steel is primarily a:

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40. Clearances volm of a reciprocating compressor is 100 ml and the volm of the cylinder at bottom dead centre is 1.0 litre. The clearance ratio of the compressor is:

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