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Gene Expression and Regulation Test Online Mcqs

Test Name Gene Expression and Regulation Test
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Gene expression is the process by which information from a gene is used in the synthesis of a functional gene product. These products are often proteins, but in non-protein coding genes such as transfer RNA  or small nuclear RNA genes, the product is a functional RNA.Most mechanisms that control gene expression do so by controlling transcription, the synthesis of RNA. However there are other mechanisms for controlling the rate of protein synthesis that occur downstream between transcription and translation.In order to get more information about such important topic in form of  Gene Expression and Regulation Test Online question answer mcqs quiz then just follow the link given below accordingly.

Gene Expression and Regulation Test Online Mcqs Exam


1. The DNA-binding protein that initiates the transcription of bacterial genes is called a/an:

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2. Regulation of polygenic transcription in prokaryotes can be at the level of:

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3. Which one of the following statements about the tryptophan (trp) operon is true?

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4. A series of genes that are transcriptionally regulated in trans  by DNA—binding proteins are called a/an:

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5. How many different types of polypeptide subunits are present in RNA polymerase of E.coli?

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6. Sigma subunit of RNA polymerase:

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7. Alternative splicing can give rise to transcripts that differ in:

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8. Tryptophan operon in E.coli is an example of:

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9. Binding of a given sigma factor depends of the:

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10. Zinc finger protein and helix-turn-helix proteins are:

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11. Bacteria utilize glucose first, even if other sugars are present, through a mechanism called:

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12. Catabolite activator protein (CAP) acts as:

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13. Synthesis of mRNA on DNA template is:

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14. Mark the correct statements:

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15. Term ‘Homeobox’ was used by:

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16. Genes whose products are constantly needed for cellular activity are called:

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17. Which of the following statement about transcription is correct?

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18. Mark all true statements:

(A) exons are found in the same order in the genome

(B) all cells in the human body have the same set of genes

(C) all cells in the human body express that same set of genes

(D) all cells in the human body splice mRNAs for each gene in the same way

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