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General Knowledge About Islam Online Test 3

Test Name General Knowledge About Islam Test
Subject Islamic General
Test Type Mcqs
Total Question 25
Total Marks 50
Total Time 25
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We are glad to intimate you that get Complete information about Islam as well as Islamic history over here in form of Online Question answers.This is well organized channel for preparation about general knowledge made to attempt various mcq mocked quiz within specific time as well.Islamic General Knowledge shall encompass the basics and mandatory highlights of Islam. Just follow the link given below to start your test for checking your complete understanding and enhancing the knowledge as well.

General Knowledge About Islam Online Test 3 Mcqs


1. ____________ sahabis accompained the Holy Prophet (SAW) at his first Hajj.

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2. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) gave unprecendented dignity place to _________.

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3. The Holy Prophet (SAW) delivered his last sermon _____ that is called Hajja-tul-Widah.

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4. In ___________ Hijra, the conquest of Makkah took place.

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5. The Holy Prophet (SAW) established a great relationship between Ansar and Muhajireen called _________.

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6. ___________ is the last Hajj of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).

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7. In ____________ years of Hijrah, the Holy Prophet (SAW) performed Umrah.

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8. In _________ Masjid-e-Haram is situated.

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9. __________ was the first institution of Islam.

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10. Makkah is situated ________ miles from Madina.

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11. There were ____________ statues in Ka'aba.

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12. Khutba Hajja-tul-Widah was delivered in ___________.

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13. After ___________ month of the Hijrah, change of the Qiblah took place.

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14. Azan, call of prayer, was first adopted in ____________.

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15. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) was a great commander and he took part in about _________.

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16. On the 8th Zil-Hajj, the Holy Prophet (SAW) made his last ___________.

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17. ___________ was made compulsory in the 9th Hijrah.

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18. The Holy Prophet (SAW) went to perform Hajj in _________________.

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19. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) and a large number of Muslims left for Makkah to perform Hajj in ___________.

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20. ___________ Umrah were performed by the Holy Prophet (SAW).

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21. The biggest statue in Ka'aba before the conquest of Makkah, was _________.

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22. King of _________ tore away the message of the Holy Prophet (SAW).

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23. The Holy Prophet (SAW) took pledge after the fall of Makkah in _________.

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24. Abu Sufyan embraced Islam at the event of __________.

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25. In the 10th of Hijrah, the Holy Prophet (SAW) took one hundred animals to sacrifice at __________.

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