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What Is What In Benin Test Online

Test Name What Is What In Benin Test Online
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Benin a French-speaking West African nation is a birthplace of the vodun religion and home to the former Dahomey Kingdom from circa 1600–1900. In Abomey Dahomey’s former capital the Historical Museum occupies two royal palaces with bas-reliefs recounting the kingdom’s past and a throne mounted on human skulls.

What Is What In Benin Test Online Questions & Answers Mcqs

Country Test

1. The Official and National language in Benin is?

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2. Who is the President of Benin?

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3. Capital and Largest City of Benin is?

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4. Benin Rank in Military Expenditure rank in the World ?

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5. Benin National Top Level Domain is?

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6. Who is the Current Prime Minister of Benin?

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7. International Calling Code of Benin is?

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8. National Motto of Benin is?

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9. Main Religion in Benin ?

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10. In Benin Legislature Called ?

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11. The Total Area of Benin is?

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12. Per Capital GDP per Year in Benin ?

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13. In World Benin is on Rank of Largest Economy ?

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14. Official Currency of Benin is Called ?

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