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Body Systems Online Test

Test Name Body Systems Online Test
Subject General Knowledge
Test Type Mcqs
Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15 Mints
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The human body is made of 11 important organ systems, including the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, excretory, nervous and endocrine systems. They also include the immune, integumentary, skeletal, muscle and reproductive systems. The systems work together to maintain a functioning human body.

Body Systems Online Test Questions and Answers

Basic Science

1. Name the network of specialized tissue that coordinates and controls the various activities of the body, both voluntary and involuntary?

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2. Where the testes are located (in males)

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3. Which system of organs removes nitrogenous waste products and excess water from the bodies of animals?

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4. Automatic nervous system controls the involuntary actions such as:

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5. Which part of the following helps to keep the body in balance?

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6. The central nervous system consists of:

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7. What is the function of bladder in the urinary system?

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8. What is used for the pressure exerted by blood on vessels?

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9. Right kidney usually lies slightly lower than the left in order to accommodate the:

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10. What is the function of peripheral nervous system?

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11. Name the phase of respiration in which air is pushed out from the lungs?

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12. The nervous system is divided into three parts, central nervous system, peripheral nervous system and:

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13. What is the chief function of circulatory system?

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14. After the completion of digestion, where the most nutrients are absorbed?

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15. What is called a point of movement or articulation?

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