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Latest Researches Test Online

Test Name Latest Researches Test Online
Subject General Knowledge
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Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15 Mints
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Technology can be most broadly defined as th entities both material and immaterial, created by the application of mental and physical effort in order to achieve some value. The technology refers to tools and machines that may be used to solve real world problems.

Latest Researches Test Online Questions & Answers

Basic Science

1. Which one of the following waves is registered during brain mapping test?

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2. Which among the following is the instrument to measure radiation levels?

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3. The picture of the complete universe (first all sky image) was delivered on 5th July, 2010 by which one of the following space telescope missions?

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4. Which one of the following constitutes 90 percent of the total cells contained in each of us (human body)?

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5. 'Looxcie' is an innovative camera which is being considered one of the big invention of last year. It is placed inside which part of the human body?

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6. Deficiency of which one of the following vitamins is fulfilled by golden rice?

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7. Which one of the following is used as propellant for cryogenic engine?

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8. Which one of the following is the symptom of drinking arsenic contaminated water?

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9. Which one of the following is the fastest super computer of the world?

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10. According scientist which one of the following radioactive gases are released from the ground, minutes or hours before and earthquake is about to strike?

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11. Which one of the following was called cosmological constant by Einstein and is responsible for gradual expansion of the universe?

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12. Who among the following is credited with the discovery of artificial cell?

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13. Which one of the following has been designated by scientist as the thinnest substance in the world?

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14. Which one of the following statement is incorrect?

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15. Which one of the following is the first humanoid of robot space from planet Earth?

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