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Natural Resources Test Online

Test Name Natural Resources Test Online
Subject General Knowledge
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Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15 Mints
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Natural resources are resources that exist without actions of humankind. This includes all valued characteristics such as magnetic, gravitational, and electrical properties and forces. On earth it includes: sunlight, atmosphere, water, land (includes all minerals) along with all vegetation and animal life that naturally subsists upon or within the heretofore identified characteristics and substances.

Natural Resources Test Online Questions & Answers Mcqs

Basic Science

1. In Pakistan forest area is about:

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2. Soil fertility is produced by:

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3. Forest area in Pakistan is about:

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4. Which of the following represents the regulative function of forest?

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5. Removal of top fertile soil is called:

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6. Soil erosion can be prevented by:

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7. Which one of the following represents a renewable energy?

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8. Mild grazing in grassland by herbivores:

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9. Extensive planting of trees to increase the forest cover is called:

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10. Inexhaustible non-conventional source of energy is:

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11. Wetlands occupy:

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12. Deforests generally decreases:

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13. Soil conservation is:

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14. Renewable source of energy is:

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15. Largest amount of fresh water is found in:

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