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Navaratri and Dussehra Test Online

Test Name Navaratri and Dussehra Test Online
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Total Marks 20
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Navratri is a multi day Hindu festival celebrated in the autumn every year. Monsoon autumn festival called Sharad Navratri that is the most observed in the honor of the divine feminine Devi. Navratri is the perhaps most widely celebrated festivals in the country which is celebrated in different style in different states followed by Dusshera. The festival is celebrated in the bright half of the Hindu calendar month Ashvin.

Navaratri and Dussehra Test Online Questions & Answers


1. Dasara is also known as?

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2. Who killed Mahishasura?

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3. Dussera is the state festival of which state?


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4. According to Ramayana, Lord Rama performed this Puja to win over Ravana?

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5. Who wrote the great epic Ramayana?

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6. Which animal will be the centre of attraction during Dasara festival?

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7. In what form did Ravana disguise infornt of Sita before kidnapping her?

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8. 'Garba' is the folk dance of which state?

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9. Who was the first king from Wodeyar family to perform the puja during Dasara?

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10. Which form of Goddess Durga is worshipped on the first day of Navratri?


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  1. You dont’t even know that Mahishasur was killed by Lord Durga
    Very bad quiz

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