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Plant-Water Relation Test Online

Test Name Plant-Water Relation Test Online
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Plant–water relations concern how plants control the hydration of their cells, including the collection of water from the soil, its transport within the plant and its loss by evaporation from the leaves. The water status of plants is usually expressed as ‘water potential’, which has units of pressure, is always negative, and in simple form is the algebraic sum of the hydrostatic pressure and the osmotic pressure of water. Flow of water through plant and soil over macroscopic distances is driven by gradients in hydrostatic pressure.

Plant-Water Relation Test Online Questions & Answers Mcqs

Basic Science

1. Water crosses the endodermal cells through:

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2. Ascent of sap is best explained by:

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3. Under water scarcity condition, a hormone causes closure of stomata. The name of the hormone is:

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4. The direction and the rate of water movement from cell to cell is based on:

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5. When a cell is fully turgid, which one of the following is zero?

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6. Stomata open at night in:

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7. Which ion has the maximum role in the opening and closing of stomata?

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8. Stometa open when the guard cells are:

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9. Which of the following has the highest water potential?

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10. Cell membrane is:

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11. Transpiration helps in:

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12. Seeds swell when placed in water because of:

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13. Name the phenomenon in which drops of water ooze out of the leaf margin?

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14. A cell when placed in a solution gets plasmolysed. What is largely present in between the cell wall and plasmolysed contents?

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15. The rate of transpiration is measured by:

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