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Respiration in Animals Test Online

Test Name Respiration in Animals Test Online
Subject General Knowledge
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Total Question 15
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Respiration is a chemical reaction. It occurs in every cell in your body. During normal human respiration, glucose (a type of sugar that you get from food) reacts with oxygen to produce energy. The energy is needed for growth, repair and movement. Water and carbon dioxide are bi-products of respiration.

Respiration in Animals Test Online Questions & Answers Mcqs

Basic Science

1. In man the most important function of diaphragm is:

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2. Even after complete exhalation, the lungs of healthy adult contain more than a litre of gas, this quantity is known as:

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3. During inspiration the ribs are:

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4. The cellular respiration differs from breathing.

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5. The rate and depth of breathing is controlled by:

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6. The structure which prevents the entry of food into respiratory tract is:

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7. In man the bulk of CO₂ released in tissue respiration is transported  by blood as:

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8. In normal expiration, the diaphragm is:

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9. The respiratory centre is present in:

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10. The respiratory surface is:

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11. If the thoracic wall but not the lungs are punctured:

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12. Which of the following gases makes the most stable combination with the haemoglobin of RBC?

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13. The major effect of hyperventilation is:

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14. The R. Q. is more than one when the respiratory matter is:

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15. When the O₂ supply to the tissues is not sufficient, the condition is called:

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