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Scientific Instruments Test Online

Test Name Scientific Instruments Test Online
Subject General Knowledge
Test Type Mcqs
Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15 Mints
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A scientific instrument is an instrument used for scientific purposes. Most are measuring instruments. They may be specifically designed, constructed and refined for the purpose. Scientific instruments are part of laboratory equipment, but are considered more sophisticated and more specialized than other measuring instruments as scales, rulers, chronometers, thermometers or even waveform generators.

Scientific Instruments Test Online Questions & Answers

Basic Science

1. Why is Ammeter is used?

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2. Chronometer is used for the time check of?

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3. The microscope is used to study:

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4. Which instrument is used for measuring very high temperature?

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5. ECG is an instrument used for disorder of?

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6. Which instrument is used for estimating the height of an aircraft above sea level?

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7. Commutator is an instrument for?

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8. Pyroheliometer is used for?

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9. Gastro scope is an instrument used for examining of:

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10. Which instrument is used to measure blood pressure?

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11. To measure wind speed:

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12. For measuring electrical power:

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13. Which instrument is used to measure the pressure of air?

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14. Which instrument is used to measure time?

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15. Salinometer is a type of:

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