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Heat and Thermodynamics Test Online MCQs

Test Name Heat and Thermodynamics MCQs Test
Subject Physics
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 25
Total Marks 50
Total Time 25 Mints
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Heat and Thermodynamics Multiple Choice Questions Test is available over here for the preparation of all tests such as admission test, medical, engineering test and written test. Attempt Heat and Thermodynamics MCQs Test is given below.

Heat and Thermodynamics Test Online MCQs


1. When heat is added to a system, which of the following is not possible?

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2. The phenomenon of black body radiation was explained satisfactorily by:

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3. While measuring thermal conductivity of a liquid, we keep the upper part hot and lower part cold, so that:

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4. The ideal black body is:

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5. In a room containing air, heat can go from one place to another by:

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6. A sink, that is a system where heat is rejected is essential for the conversion of heat into work. From which law the above inference follows?

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7. If pressure on a gas is increased from P to 2P, then its heat conductivity:

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8. Thermodynamics is concerned with:

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9. The maximum energy emitted by a body for a particular wavelength varies directly as:

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10. The internal energy of a perfect gas is:

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11. What is heat?

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12. An iron ball is heated. The percentage increase will be the largest in:

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13. In which of the following process all the three thermodynamic variables, that is pressure, volume and temperature can change?

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14. A process in which the volume remains constant is called:

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15. Which type of molecular motion does not contribute towards internal energy?

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16. Thermal equilibrium implies equality of:

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17. A process In which the heat content of the system remains constant is called:

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18. Which of the following is the best container for gas during isothermal process?

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19. What is the name of the device used to transfer heat from a subsystem at lower temperature to the surroundings at higher temperature?

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20. A sample of perfect gas is compressed isothermally to half its volume. If it is compressed adiabatically to the same volume the final pressure of the gas will be:

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21. An ideal gas expands freely in a perfectly rigid and insulated cylinder. Which of the following parameters connected with it varies?

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22. The first law of thermodynamics is based on the law of conservation of:

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23. Which of the following is not the property of both heat and work:

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24. Which of the following states of matter have two specific heats?

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25. The temperature determines the direction of net change of:

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