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Heat & Thermodynamics Test Online MCQs

Test Name Heat & Thermodynamics MCQs Test
Subject Physics
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15 Mints
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Get multiple choice questions of the physics subject topic Heat & Thermodynamics online. All the visitors should attempt these questions to prepare for the admission test, medical test, engineering and recruitment test. Heat & Thermodynamics MCQs Test Online being added below.

Heat & Thermodynamics Test Online MCQs


1. In an adiabatic process the quantity which remains constant is:


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2. On a cold morning, a metal surface on touching is felt colder than a wooden surface, because the metal has:


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3. In an adiabatic change, the pressure and temperature of a monoatomic gas are related with relation as P ∞ TC, where C is equal to:


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4. A black body, at a temperature of 227°C, radiates heat at a rate of 20 cal m⁻²s⁻¹. When its temperature is raised to 727°C, the heat radiated by it in cal m⁻²s⁻¹ will be closest to:


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5. A black body is at a temperature 300 K. It emits energy at a rate, which is proportional to:


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6. The colour of a star indicates its:


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7. When a solid is converted into a gas, directly by heating then this process is known as:


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8. The average kinetic energy of a gas molecule at 27°C is 6.21 x 10⁻²¹J, then its average kinetic energy at 227°C is:


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9. The absolute zero is the temperature at which


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10. The radiation from the sun, incident normally at the surface of the earth is 20kcal/m² min. What would have the radiant energy, incident normally on the earth of the sun had a temperature, twice of the present one?


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11. A centigrade and Fahrenheit thermometers are dipped in boiling water. The water temperature is lowered until the Fahrenheit thermometer registers a temperature of 140° the fall of the temperature as registered by the centigrade thermometer is:


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12. The instrument used to measure the temperature of the source from its thermal radiation is:


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13. An ideal gas at 27°C is compressed adiabatically to 8/27 its original volume [TVγ-1 = constant] and γ = 5/3, then the rise in temperature will be:


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14. Fraunh offer line of the solar system is an example of:


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15. A quantity of heat required to change the unit mass of a solid substance to its liquid state, while the temperature remains constant, is known as


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