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Heredity and Variation Mock Test Online Question Answer

Test Name Heredity and Variation Test
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Heredity and Variation Definition. All living organisms reproduce. Reproduction results in the formation of offspring of the same kind. A pea plant produces only pea plants each time it reproduces.The scientific study of heredity, variations and the environmental factors responsible for these, is known as genetics.The Study of Heredity. A chart shows the dominant and recessive traits inherited in successive generations of guinea pigs. Genetics is the study of how heritable traits are transmitted from parents to offspring as well.You can easily get a reliable and authentic information in form of Heredity and Variation Mock Test online question answer mcqs over here.

Heredity and Variation Mock Test Online Question Answer


1. The breakage in linkage association with the consequent formation of a new linkage is termed as:

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2. What is the genotypic ratio of the F₂ generation of a dihybrid cross?

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3. Gerplasm theory was proposed by:

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4. Haemophilia is:

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5. Polydipsia and Polyuria is related to:

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6. Crossing over generally takes place during:

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7. Identical twins are born when:

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8. The basis of Klinefelter’s syndrome and supermale are the following characteristics of sex chromosomes:

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9. The first person who induced mutations by using X-rays was?

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10. William Shockley is related to:

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11. The chromosome number in plants can be increased by:

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12. Sex linked inheritance was discovered by:

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13. Factors which can induced genetic mutations in organisms are called:

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14. The human chromosomes numbers i.e. 46 were discovered by:

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15. Animals of similar genetic constitution are called:

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16. Operon concept was proposed by:

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17. Colchicine can induced polyploidy in:

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18. Muton is:

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19. The basis of Turner’s syndrome and superfemales are the following characteristics of sex chromosomes:

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20. To get a triploid plant, a tetraploid should be crossed with a:

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