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HTML Info Test Online MCQs

Test Name HTML Info Test
Subject Computer
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15 Mints
Test Help For
  • Basic Knowledge about IT
  • IT General Knowledge Quiz
  • Computer History
  • IT & Computer Tests
  • General Ability
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HTML Info Test Online MCQs


1. HTML documents are having extension?

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2. HTML stands for:

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3. Which tag is used for line break in HTML?

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4. The title tag is given in?

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5. The following tag is used to define a row in a table:

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6. Which of the following is a bulleted list?

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7. The space between the table data value and its border is called?

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8. What are the different levels of headings in HTML?

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9. The following tag is used to define a paragraph:

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10. Which heading style is the biggest?

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