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Human Genetics Test Online MCQs

Test Name Human Genetics Test Online MCQs
Subject Biology
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 8
Total Marks 16
Total Time 10 Mints
Test Help For
  • Biology Subject Test prep.
  • NEET-UG Entrance Exam
  • All Admission Test preparation.
  • GRE Subject Test prep.
  • Science and General Knowledge Test.

Get Human Genetics Test to prepare for AIIMS admission test, NEET-UG entrance exams and other colleges & universities admission tests. Attempt all the multiple choice questions online over here.

Human Genetics Test Online MCQs


1. Given below is a high simplified representation of the human sex chromosomes from a karyotype.



The genes a and b could be of

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2. The “Cri-du-Chat” syndrome is caused by change in chromosome structure involving


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3. A normal woman whose father was colour blind, is married to a normal man. The sons would be


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4. XO-chromosomal abnormality in human beings causes


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5. Which disease has XXY chromosome constitution?


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6. The formation of multivalent at meiosis in diploid organism is due to


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7. Mother and father both have blood group ‘A’. They have two children one with blood group ‘O’ and second one with blood group ‘A’. They have

Mother has homozygotic gene father has heterozygote I’A IA.

Mboth are homozygotic (IAIA).

Mother is heterozygotic (IAi) and father is homozygotic (IAIA).

Both are heterozygotic (IAi).

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8. Barr-body in mammals represents


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