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Important Awards In World GK Test Question Answers

Test Name Important Awards In World Info Test
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Great achievements are accompanied by great results. Sometimes they’re accompanied by rewards too through World famous awards. Prizes are given to the top achievers in fields ranging from sports to politics to science to writing. Though they take different forms, all of these prizes are meant to highlight and celebrate those individuals who’ve ascended to the top of their game.questions are asked from Awards and their Fields name. So, we are providing you a List of some Important Awards and their Fields which are the most Important for the upcoming competition exams. Take general knowledge Quiz practice online through these World Important question answers test below.

Important Awards In World GK Test Question Answers

General Knowledge

1. The Nobel Prize was created by ___________ ?

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2. The Noble Prize is awarded in _________ ?

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3. A Emmy Award recognizes excellence in the ____________ industry?

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4. The BRIT Awards began in ____________ ?

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5. Which one of the following was the founder of Miss World pageant?

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6. The Noble prize was first awarded in ___________ ?

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7. The Oscars was first presented in __________ ?

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8. The Merlin Award is also called the ____________ of magic.

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9. The BAFTA award was first established in ___________ ?

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10. Grammy Award is given to individuals for outstanding achievement in the _________ industry ?

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11. The Miss Universe pageant was founded by clothing company Pacific Mills in ___________ ?

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12. The highest military honor of United States of America's is __________ ?

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13. César Award is the national ________ award of France.

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14. The Hollywood Walk of Fame was established in ____________ ?

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15. Which one of these is the highest prize awarded at the Cannes Film Festival?

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