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India Basic Facts Test GK Question Answers Online

Test Name India Basic Facts Test
Subject General Knowledge
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 12
Total Marks 24
Total Time 10 Minutes
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Basic facts about India. India, with an area of 32,87,263 is the seventh largest country in the world. The countries which are larger than India (in area) are Russia, Canada, China, USA, Brazil and Australia. Among the Indian states, Gujarat has the longest coastline of approximately 1600 km. Following Mcqs General Knowledge will most helpful for you must prepare online.

India Basic Facts Test GK Question Answers Online


1. India is the world's __________ largest English speaking country.

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2. Which one of these is the highest cricket ground in the world located in India?

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3. Which Indian is popularly known as 'Human Computer'?

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4. The Science Day in Switzerland is dedicated to which former Indian President?

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5. Which one of these is called the father of Nation (Not an official declaration)?

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6. Which Indian hockey player was offered German citizenship and a chance to play for the German national side by Hitler?

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7. The first Indian to travel in space was:

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8. In terms of vegetarian population, India ranks at _________ place in the world.

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9. The wettest place on Earth is located in India which is:

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10. India discovered water on the moon for the first time in:

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11. The National calendar of India is:

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12. In terms of milk production, India holds ________ position in the world.

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