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India Five Year Plans Online Test Mcqs

Test Name India Five Year Plans Info Test
Subject General Knowledge
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Total Question 25
Total Marks 50
Total Time 25 Minutes
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India Five Year Plans Online Test

General Knowledge

1. What is the total investment in Public Sector envisaged during the Ninth Plan period ( ζ in trillion)?

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2. The strategy of Rolling Plan was adopted during the prime minister ship of:

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3. The Five Year Plans are reviewed and approved by the........?

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4. According to the mid term appraisal of the Ninth Five-Year Plan, the growth rate of the manufacturing sector has fallen at:

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5. The government's efforts to fight the menace of unemployment continue since the:

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6. Duration of the Eighth Five Year Plan was:

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7. Since the advent of Planning era in India, the share of agriculture sector in GDP has:

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8. What was the motto of Fifth Five Year Plan?

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9. Under which plan did the Government introduce an agricultural strategy which gave rise to Green Revolution?

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10. Which of the following is the most important objective of Indian planning?

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11. Food for Work Programme was introduced during which one of the following Five-Year Plans?

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12. Which of the following were the principle aims of First Five-year Plan?

1. Self-sufficiency in food-grain production.

2.  Rehabilitate Indian economy shattered by second war and partition.

3. Development of basic and heavy industries.

4.  Minimum Needs Programme.

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13. Which of the following is the most important objective of Indian Planning?

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14. Which Plan was launched in the fiftieth year of India's Independence?

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15. The Planning Commission of India was established in:

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