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Indian Business Awareness Test 4 Online

Test Name Indian Business Awareness Info Test
Subject General Knowledge
Test Type Mcqs
Total Question 20
Total Marks 40
Total Time 20 Minutes
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Indian Business Awareness Test 4 Online

General Knowledge

1. Deepak Shourie is the Managing Director of which company?

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2. Which is not declared as a 'Navratan'?

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3. Sagem, which has launched mobile phones in India, is a company from

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4. Toyota Kirloskar auto parts plant has been inaugurated in:

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5. High quality petrol "Power" is being marketed by:

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6. 'Extra Premium' is a hi-octane petrol marketed by:

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7. The "Frazer" is a bike launched by:

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8. Which is India's first Euro-II complete car?

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9. According to an opinion poll carried out by the magazine Business Barons, who has been voted as India's most admired chief executive in 2004?

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10. Which is Indian's largest BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Company?

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11. Cricket star Sachin Tendulkar has been signed as the brand ambassador by which telecom company?

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12. Which of the following is/are in the Tata Group of industries?

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13. What does the term 'Overgeard Company' mean?

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14. Which company has recently become the leading player in the Indian Pharmaceutical market?

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15. Getz is a car model introduced by:

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16. Which one is not a product from Daburs?

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17. Central Government undertaking "Modern Foods" has been purchased by:

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18. Which is the best selling car name of all time? The model has undergone several redesigns in its history with 25 million vehicles sold in 142 countries?

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19. Grand Vitara XV-7 is a vehicle launched by:

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20. Which cellular service provider has launched a new campaign called "Express Yourself?

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