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Indian Railways Group D Exam Practice Test 2 Mcqs

Test Name Indian Railways Group D Exam Practice Test
Subject GK
Test Type Mcqs
Total Question 50
Total Marks 100
Total Time 50
Test Help For
  • Railway Recruitment Test
  • RRB Recruitment Exam
  • RRC Group D Test
  • General Knowledge

RRB and RRC Group D Exam is conducted for non-gazetted technical and non-technical posts in Indian railways. Recruitment for Group C and Group D vacancies is done through respective railway recruitment boards  which is controlled by Railway Recruitment Control Board (RRCB). The exam is conducted for recruitment of individuals for railways services as well as workshops of various divisions. Recruitment notification for employment is issued by individual rail heads as well as various divisions under a Railway heads. As such candidates are required to apply for RRB Group D exam through their respective railway recruitment divisional office.Applications received are scrutinized by the Board for Employment Group D Recruitment Exam Guide.We are going to provide you Indian Railways Group D Exam Practice Test 2 in form of free online mcqs over  here against required time as well.

Indian Railways Group D Exam Practice Test 2 Mcqs

Sample Paper

1. Choose the odd one:

Question 1 of 50

2. Which Indian leader is generally referred to as the 'Iron Man'?

Question 2 of 50

3. Delhi's Redfort was built by:

Question 3 of 50

4. The total number of ear bones are:

Question 4 of 50

5. In which state is "Silent Valley" located?

Question 5 of 50

6. In a certain code language, 123 means hot filtered coffee; 356 means very hot day and 589 means day and night. Which digit stands for very?

Question 6 of 50

7. Choose the odd one:

Question 7 of 50

8. Which of the following fractions is the greatest of all?

Question 8 of 50

9. India's National Calender is based on:

Question 9 of 50

10. A mixture of two or more metals is called a/an:

Question 10 of 50

11. The first women Prime Minister of India was:

Question 11 of 50

12. A drug that prevents infection and decay is called a/an:

Question 12 of 50

13. The intensity of sound that may harm the ear is (approximately):

Question 13 of 50

14. In a certain code language, Pat Zoo Sim means Eat Good Mangies; Pus Sim Tim means Mangies and Sweets and Tin Zoo Kit means Purchase Good Sweets. Which word in that language means Good?

Question 14 of 50

15. If orange is called butter, butter is called soap, soap is called ink, ink is called honey and honey is called orange, which of the following is used for washing clothes?

Question 15 of 50

16. In our houses we get 220 V ac. The value 220 represents:

Question 16 of 50

17. Damage and Repair have the same relationship as:

Question 17 of 50

18. Insert the right number in place of the question mark.

9, 6, 16, 10, ?, 18

Question 18 of 50

19. Find the least number which when divided by 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12 leaves the same remainder 2 in each case.

Question 19 of 50

20. The largest number of four digits exactly divisible by 88 is:

Question 20 of 50

21. If 70% of the students in a school are boys and the number of girls is 504, the number of boys is:

Question 21 of 50

22. In a certain language 943 is coded as BED and 12448 is coded as SWEET, how is 492311 coded in that language?

Question 22 of 50

23. In the visible spectrum, the color having the shortest wavelength is:

Question 23 of 50

24. With which game is FIFA cup associated?

Question 24 of 50

25. 'Red Cross' is the symbol of:

Question 25 of 50

26. Which state is a major producer of copper?

Question 26 of 50

27. Which of the following cities is referred to as the Pink City of India?

Question 27 of 50

28. Insert the right number in place of the question mark (?).

If 12 = 10 and 32 = 26, then 22 = ?

Question 28 of 50

29. Which least number must be added to 1056 to get a number exactly divisible by 23?

Question 29 of 50

30. Which of the following devices converts electrical energy into mechanical energy?

Question 30 of 50

31. If the third day of a month is Saturday, what can be the last day of the month?

Question 31 of 50

32. Find the largest number which can exactly divide 513, 783 and 1107.

Question 32 of 50

33. Gold gets dissolved in which of the following?

Question 33 of 50

34. Which of the following countries has 'Takka' as its currency?

Question 34 of 50

35. What is traditionally believed to be the color of Mars?

Question 35 of 50

36. Who invented penicillin?

Question 36 of 50

37. Choose the odd one:

Question 37 of 50

38. Which of the following is not a nobel gas?

Question 38 of 50

39. Normal bone growth is largely influenced by:

Question 39 of 50

40. The branch of Chemistry that deals with living systems is known as:

Question 40 of 50

41. Cholesterol is a:

Question 41 of 50

42. A speed of 36 km/hr is the same as:

Question 42 of 50

43. Which state leads in Coal Reserve?

Question 43 of 50

44. The first railway train in India ran from _________ to ________ .

Question 44 of 50

45. The largest of the living birds is:

Question 45 of 50

46. The average score of a cricketer in 2 matches is 27 and that in 3 other is 32. Then this average score in 5 matches is:

Question 46 of 50

47. We loose consciousness if blood flow to the brain is cut off for more than:

Question 47 of 50

48. By selling 100 bananas, a man gains the selling price of 20 bananas. His gain percent is:

Question 48 of 50

49. Choose the odd one:

Question 49 of 50

50. The mammal that lays eggs is:

Question 50 of 50


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