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Intelligence Online Test 3 Mcqs

Test Name Intelligence Test
Subject Intelligence
Test Type Mcqs
Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15
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Intelligence test is referred to as series of tasks designed to measure the capacity to make abstractions, to learn, and to deal with novel situations as well.Intelligence tests are psychological tests that are designed to measure a variety of mental functions, such as reasoning, comprehension, and judgment.It’s highly advanced, yet simple to use.Characteristics of Individually Administered IQ Tests.Although their main purpose at the time was to diagnose mental retardation, the basic characteristics of their assessment are still used in today’s intelligence tests.The test also had fairly standardized instructions for how.Get free and simple practice test online questions answers dispatched here as well.

Intelligence Online Test 3 Mcqs


1. Name a four letters word ending in ENY.

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2. A clock strikes six in five seconds, how long does it take to strike twelve?

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3. Express the number 100 by using the same figure six times.

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4. In this series, what number comes next?  11, 21, 32, 43, 54, 65,

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5. A hunter set out to track a bear. He walked ten miles North, ten miles East then ten miles South and found himself where he set out from. What colour was the bear?

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6. COW is to BRAN as MAN is to:

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7. What would you find in an atlas?

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8. If three days ago was the day before Friday, what will the day after tomorrow be?

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9. How many hours will it take a jet plane to travel 400 miles at a speed of 600 miles per hour?

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10. In five seconds, can you think of three numbers which whether added up or multiplied together yield the same result.

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11. In this series, what letter comes next. A, C, F, J, ------

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12. SOUTH is to as to NORTHWEST as WEST is to ----

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13. Which animal take part in a point to point race?

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14. A female fox is called a vixen, What is a male fox called?

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15. Complete this analogy Melon is to rind as animal is to:

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