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Intelligence Online Test 4 Mcqs

Test Name Intelligence Test
Subject Intelligence
Test Type Mcqs
Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15
Test Help For
  • All Admissions Test
  • All Jobs Test
  • Analytical and Quantitative reasoning
  • All Forces Test
  • Brain Sharpening Practice Test

This test is developed with the an aim of measuring your Intelligence Quotient as well as Brain power in order to tackle with analytical skills as well. The test is composed of various logical and analytical reasoning questions answers which makes you enable to boost up your understanding i.e. it minimizes the effect of cultural variables, such as test that measures the ability of a person to understand and learn by comparing it with General Intelligence also known as Intelligence Quotient (IQ), General Cognitive Ability and General Mental Ability (GMA) tests, have been researched for  Intelligence tests are widely assumed to measure maximal intellectual performance.

Intelligence Online Test 4 Mcqs


1. PLANE is to SOLID as LINE is to:

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2. Does a patrolman wear his shield on the left or the right side of his uniform?

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3. In this series, what number comes next?  27, 21, 24, 18, 21, 15, ----

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4. If you spent a yen in Tokyo, in which country you will be?

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5. A frog at the bottom of a wall ten meters deep, begins to climb out. He climbs up three meters every day but slips back two meters each day. After how many days will it be free?

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6. How many numbers are followed or proceed by 3 or 5?

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7. How many years are there in century?

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8. I have two current notes in my hand. Together they total 55 rupees, what are the notes value?

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9. What always happens after a dry spell of weather in summer?

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10. If three days ago was the day before Friday, what will the day after tomorrow be?

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11. In this series what number comes next?

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12. A painter needed three days to paint the walls of a room. How long would take it take him, working at the same rate to paint a room twice as long, twice as wide and twice as high.

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13. How many months have twenty eight days?

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14. Print your answer    ABD is to CBA as QRT is to -------.

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15. How many letters in the line below come after the K, but both before R and after T?

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