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Intelligence Online Test 5 Mcqs

Test Name Intelligence Test
Subject Intelligence
Test Type Mcqs
Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15
Test Help For
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  • Aptitude Test
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It is delightfully intimate you that Intelligence tests which are concerned with checking the sharpness level of your brain are being presented here in form of mcqs questions answers online test accordingly.Intelligence test is almost denoted as IQ test which is mainly composed of quantitative as well as analytical problem based queries.Following structured practice online test could be follow in order to revamp and enhance your mind agility as well. Its like a drill which will help you to fulfill the gaps as possessed by you with respect to failure.

Intelligence Online Test 5 Questions Answers


1. Which letters occurs twice in each of these words.
Committee, Adelaide.

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2. What are the mixed plants below? You will find them in the vegetable garden.

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3. If you write Multan backwards, what will the sixth letter be?

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4. These words are in code what are they?
ejckt, ceeqooqferkqp, fgegkxg

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5. Write the middle letter between H and X.

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6. A is represented by C, B by D, C by E and so on throughout the alphabet, write down the code for SUM.

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7. Write down the sixth letter before Q.

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8. Can you place the following in in order of size?
cup, thimble, tub, jug, basin

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9. If Speed = Distance/Time, give the formula for finding the distance.

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10. Find out the odd man out.

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11. Write down the seventeenth letter of alphabet.

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12. Which is faster, 60 mph or 2 miles per minute?

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13. Write down the following words in the order in which they appear in the dictionary.
Crane, Cranberry, Cranial, Craps, Crampon

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14. Which is lower, 1 mile in 30 seconds or 100 mile per hour

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15. Bellow is to bull as coo is to ----

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