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Intelligence Online Test 7 Mcqs

Test Name Intelligence Test
Subject Intelligence
Test Type Mcqs
Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15
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We are going to provide you complete channel for preparation of intelligence test which is integral part of almost all admission test such as Forces test, IQ test and aptitude as well.This test is mainly composed of practice based question answers drill covering the concerned areas which shall quickly be followed as under.

Intelligence Online Test 7 Mcqs


1. An oblong piece of paper has an area of 13.44 sq. inches. The paper is 2.4 inches wide. How long is it ?

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2. A man stands with his face in the North direction where will his right had point to:


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3. Sort out that single letter which completes all of them.

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4. What is a leap year?

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5. Start from A rearrange following:

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6. Insert the missing figure.   2, 6, 12, __, 48

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7. There is an English words which means "the house of cattle". When its first letter is removed it means an ordinary wooden article and if the first letter that was removed is used, at the end, the new word shows, the plural of the same wooden article, what is the word?

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8. Insert the two missing words.   dd, de, df, __dh.

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9. A boy covers a distance of one mile in twenty minutes. In how much time three boys would cover the same distance?

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10. Two planes A and B were on its schedule flight to London, B travelling a mile a minute faster than A when A was 306 miles from London,it was leading B by 35 miles, but B arrived there 6 minutes before A what were their speeds (if constants!).

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11. Jamil is holding a party to celebrate his twenty-sixth birthday today. How old is Jamil?

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12. Complete the following:
(a) As Black as......    (b) As Blue as ........

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13. Which of the following relates to "HAND" in the way "SOCK" relate to foot.

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14. How many nines are there from one to 100?

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15. Arjun present age is equal to the difference between four times his age four years hence and four time his age four years ago. How old he is ?

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