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JEE Main Sample Papers Mcqs Online Mock Test

Test Name JEE Main Mock Test
Subject Mock Test
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 60
Total Marks 120
Total Time 40 Minutes
Test Help For
  • AIEEE Test.
  • JEE Main Test
  • General Knowledge.
  • Engineering Admission.
  • Architecture Courses.
  • NITs Admissions.
  • IIITs Admissions.
  • Engineering Entry Test.
  • CBSE Board

JEE Main (Joint Entrance Examination) is a top level Engineering Entrance Exam of India conducted by CBSE Board. The candidates can get admissions in B.Tech, B.E, B.Arch courses in NITs, IIITs and other engineering institutions through JEE Mains, though IITs offer admission to these courses through JEE Advanced examination. Candidates who qualify JEE Main Exam will be considered eligible to appear in JEE Advanced examination.

According to latest information, AIEEE has been discontinued and replaced by JEE Main.

Complete your preparation online through General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Syllabus, Model sample papers you can take multiple choices question answers following from.

JEE Main Sample Papers Mcqs Online Mock Test


1. mark reviewThe magnetic field in a region between the poles of an electromagnet is uniform at any time, but its magnitude is increasing at the rate of 0.02 T/s. A conducting loop is placed in this region, whose plane is perpendicular to direction of magnetic field. Calculate the emf induced and induced current in the loop. Take cross-section area of loop as 120 cm² and resistance of loop as Ω

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2. mark reviewIn gaseous reactions important for the understanding of the upper atmosphere, H2O and O react bimolecularly to form two OH radicals. ∆H for this reaction is 72 kg J at 500 k and Ea is 77 kJ/mol. The Ea for the bi molecular recombination of two OH radicals to form H2O and O is?

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3. mark reviewDimethyl glyoxime in a suitable solvent was refluxed for 10 min with pure pieces of nickel sheet, it will result in

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4. mark reviewThere is a point P(a,a,a) on the line passing through the origin and equally inclined with axes. The equation of plane perpendicular to OP and passing through P cuts the intercepts on axes the sum of whose reciprocal is?

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5. mark reviewIf ∫ 2x/√1 - 4x dx= k sin-1(2x)+c, then k is equal to

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6. mark reviewIf a,b,c are in AP, then a+1/bc, b+1/ca, c+1/ab are in

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7. mark reviewStatement I: If ƒ(x) =(x - 3)³, then ƒ(x) is neither maximum nor minimum at x=3.

Statement II: ƒ′(x) =0, ƒ′′(x)=0 at x=3





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8. mark reviewThe equation of the common tangent to the curves y²=8x and xy= -1 is?

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9. mark review0.3 kg of hot coffee, which is at 70°C, is poured into a cup of mass 0.12 kg. Find the final equilibrium temperature. Take room temperature as 20°c,

Scoffee =4080 J/kg-K and Scup =1020 J/kg-K.

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10. mark reviewStatement I: The function ƒ(x)= |x| is not one-one.

Statement II: The negative real numbers are not the images of any real numbers.





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11. mark reviewFor how many value (s) of x in the closed interval [-4, -1] is the matrix

3                   -1+x                  2

3                     -1                 x+2

x+3                -1                   2             singular?

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12. mark reviewRegarding conductors in electrostatics which is wrong?

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13. mark reviewAn astronaut accidentally gets separated out of his small spaceship accelerating in interstellar space at a constant rate 100 m/s². What is the acceleration of the astronaut at the instant after he is outside the spaceship? (Neglect effect of gravitation of nearby stars etc).

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14. mark reviewIf the roots of the equation x²-2ax+a²+a-3=0 are real and less than 3, then

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15. mark reviewSubstances like sulfur and phosphorus are fairly soluble in alcohol but less soluble in water. If their alcoholic solution is poured in water, colloidal solutions of sulfur and phosphorus are obtained. This method can be called

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