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Kingdom Vertebrates Test Online Question Answer

Test Name Kingdom Vertebrates Test
Subject Biology
Test Type Mcqs
Total Question 20
Total Marks 40
Total Time 20
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The vertebrates traditionally include the hagfish, which do not have proper vertebrae due to their loss in evolution, though their closest living relatives, the lampreys, Hagfish do, however, possess a cranium. For this reason, the vertebrate subphylum is sometimes referred to as “Craniata” when discussing morphology. Animals can be classified into two main groups vertebrates and invertebrates. The main difference between vertebrates and invertebrates is that invertebrates, like insects and flatworms, do not have a backbone or a spinal column. Examples of vertebrates include humans, birds, and snakes.Here we are going to provide you complete platform with respect to preparation of Biology in form of question answer being dispatched over here.Just start the test by accessing on the following link and get immediate result with you.

Kingdom Vertebrates Test Online Question Answer


1. Proteus with largest erythrocytes among vertebrates belong to

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2. Which one of the following telestomi has no food value?

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3. Among reptiles, in which of the following self multilation generally seen?

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4. Rhacophorus is a:

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5. Which of the following are the extinct order of amphibia?

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6. In class dipnoi the scales are:

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7. What is the function of the three semicircular canals in amphibians?

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8. Fresh water snakes are commonly:

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9. Land of urodeles is a:

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10. Biggest bone of frog’s vertebral column is:

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11. Example of viviparous fish is:

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12. Moulting of snake is control by ……. Gland

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13. Body is covered with five of body scutes in:

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14. Which of the following are the extinct classes of fishes?

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15. Only one order of amphibians have exoskeleton (internal scales)

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16. Sea snake is characterized by:

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17. Gills are absent in the adults of the order

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18. One of the following is true with respect to Echeneis?

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19. The frog which can be live on the branches of trees and visits water only during breeding season of hibernation is:

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20. One of the following amphibians have fossorial adaptation

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