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Law Judiciary Test Online Question Answer

Test Name Law Judiciary Test
Subject Law
Test Type Mcqs
Total Question 20
Total Marks 40
Total Time 20
Test Help For
  • Judiciary
  • Legal Advisor
  • Careers at Law
  •  All Law Entrance Admission Test

If you are looking for a career in law as want to give an attempt for Judiciary then you will have to go through various past and sample papers in order to get perfection as well. In this regard we are going to provide you Complete updated test material. Listed below the online questions and answer in form of solved quiz has been pasted for you preparation with respect to specifically owned for judges.

Law Judiciary Test Online Question Answer


1. Writ of Prohibition and Certiorari and available against:

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2. Which article of the Constitution deals with the amendment Provision?

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3. India has borrowed the concept of Parliamentary from of government from

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4. Once appointed judges of Supreme Court serve till they attain the age of:

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5. Total number of judge in the Supreme Court including the Chief Justice of India:

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6. In which of the following posts there is no provision under the Constitution of India

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7. Who is the sources of legal authority of India?

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8. Delegated legislation is also known as:

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9. In which year the National flag of India was first displayed?

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10. The Supreme Court is situated at New Delhi, but it can meet elsewhere if:

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11. How many High Courts are functioning in India?

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12. Zonal Councils are:

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13. Ossification test is done to determine:

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14. An appeal from the decision of Supreme Court lies to:

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15. In Delegated Legislation, the power legislation is entrusted to:

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16. Who introduced public Litigation in India?

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17. How many states have legislative Council?

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18. According to recent Supreme Court judgement Right to life also include:

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19. In which of the following Article of the Constitution of India Specifies the ordinance making power of President?

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20. The Ordinance used by the Governor are subject to the approval of

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