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Legislature GK Test 1 Online

Test Name Legislature Info Test
Subject General Knowledge
Test Type Mcqs
Total Question 25
Total Marks 50
Total Time 25 Minutes
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Legislature GK Test 1 Online

General Knowledge

1. mark reviewThe maximum permissible period between two sessions of a State Legislative Assembly is:

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2. mark reviewThe Legislative Council in a state can be created or disbanded by the

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3. mark reviewThe Vidhan Sabha is

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4. mark reviewWhat is the maximum number of elected members in a State Assembly?

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5. mark reviewThe Speaker of the Lok Sabha is elected by

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6. mark reviewA money bill passed by the Lok Sabha has to be passed /returned by Rajya Sabha within

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7. mark reviewThe Rajya Sabha can be dissolved by

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8. mark reviewThe member of the Legislative Council are appointed through
(1) Direct elections
(2) Indirect election
(3) Nomination

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9. mark reviewThe Lok Sabha is called in session for at least how many times in a year?

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10. mark reviewWho is the ex-officio Chairman of Rajya Sabha?

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11. mark reviewThe Chairman of the Legislative Council is

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12. mark reviewThe time gap between two sessions of the Parliament should not exceed

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13. mark reviewMoney bills can be introduced in the State Legislature with the prior consent of the

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14. mark reviewWhich of these States has the bicameral legislature?
(1) Bihar (2) Gujarat
(3) Karnataka (4) Jammu & Kashmir
(5) Maharashtra (6) U.P.

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15. mark reviewHow many members of the Rajya Sabha are nominated by the President of India?

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