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Legislature GK Test 2 Online

Test Name Legislature Info Test
Subject General Knowledge
Test Type Mcqs
Total Question 25
Total Marks 50
Total Time 25 Minutes
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Legislature GK Test 2 Online

General Knowledge

1. mark reviewTo be a member of a State Council of Ministers, a person

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2. mark reviewAt a joint sitting of parliament a bill has to be passed

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3. mark reviewThe membership of a State Legislative Council

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4. mark reviewThe Governor is appointed by the

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5. mark reviewThe first woman film star nominated/elected to the Rajya Sabha was

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6. mark reviewWhich of the following Parliamentary committees in India acts as ‘watch-dog’ on departmental expenditure and irregularities?

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7. mark reviewWhich of the following committees does not consist of any member from the Rahya Sabha?

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8. mark reviewThe State of Jammu and Kashmir was accorded special status under

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9. mark reviewThe special status of Jammu and Kashmir implies the State has

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10. mark reviewWhich of the following is/are among the discretionary powers of the Governor?
(1) Selecting a chief minister if no single party has clear majority in the State Assembly.
(2) Dismissing a ministry at any time.
(3) Reserving a bill for the president

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11. mark reviewOne feature distinguishing the Rajya Sabha from the Vidhan Parishad is

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12. mark reviewWhich of the following states has the largest percentage of reserved parliamentary seats?

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13. mark reviewOn what grounds can a person be disqualified as a voter?
(1) Unsoundness of mind
(2) Corrupt of illegal practice
(3) Crime
(4) Non-residence

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14. mark reviewIf a member of Parliament voluntarily acquires the citizenship of a foreign country

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15. mark reviewWho was the first speaker of the Lok Sabha?

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