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Magnetic Effects of Current Test Online MCQs

Test Name Magnetic Effects of Current MCQs Test
Subject Physics
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15 Mints
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Get information about Magnetic force and its effects on current in Magnetic Effects of Current MCQs Test Online. Attempt all questions to prepare for the engineering colleges & universities and medical colleges & universities admission tests. Magnetic Effects of Current Test Online MCQs being uploaded below.

Magnetic Effects of Current Test Online MCQs


1. Electron of mass m and charge q is travelling with a speed along a circular path of radius r at right angles to a uniform magnetic field of intensity B. If the speed of the electron is doubled and the magnetic field is halved the resulting path would have a radius


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2. An electron is travelling along the x-direction. It encounters a magnetic field in the y-direction. Its subsequent motion will be:


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3. In a mass spectrometer used for measuring the masses of ions, the ions are initially accelerated by an electric potential V and then made to describe semicircular paths of radius R using a magnetic field B. If V and B are kept constant, the ratio (charge on the ion/mass of the ion) will be proportional to


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4. Two identical conductors of copper and aluminum are placed in an identical electric field. What is the magnitude of induced charge in the aluminum?


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5. Two parallel beams of positrons moving in the same direction will:


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6. Two concentric coils each of radius equal to 2π cm are placed at right angles to each other. 3 ampere and 4 ampere are the currents flowing in each coil respectively. The magnetic induction in Weber/m² at the center of the coils will be (μ₀ = 4π x 10⁻⁷ Wb/A.m)


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7. The magnetic moment of current (I) carrying circular coil of radius (r) and number of turns (n) varies as:


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8. The cyclotron frequency of an electrons gyrating in a magnetic field of 1 T is approximately:


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9. The magnetic flux through a circuit carrying a current of 2.0 A is 0.8 Weber. If the current reduces to 1.5 A in 0.1 s, the induced emf be:


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10. What should be amount of current through the rings of radius of 5 cm so that field at the center equal to the earth’s magnetic field of 7 x 10⁻⁵ Wb/ m², is


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11. An electron moving with kinetic energy 6.6 x 10⁻¹⁴ J enters in a magnetic field of 4 x 10⁻³ T at right angles to it. The radius of its circular path will be nearest to:


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12. A circular coil of radius R carries an electric current. The magnetic field due to the coil at a point on the axis of the coil located at a distance r from the center of the coil, such that r > > R, varies as


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13. A long straight wire of radius a carries a steady current i. The current is uniformly distributed across its cross section. The ratio of the magnetic field at a/2 and 2a is


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14. A coil of copper having 1000 turns is placed in a magnetic field (B=4 x 10⁻⁵) perpendicular to its axis. The cross sectional area of eh coil is 0.05 m². If it turns through 180° in 0.01 second, then the e.m.f. induced in the coil will be:


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15. The magnetic field due to a square loop of side a carrying a current I at its center is  


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