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Metallurgical Process Test Online MCQs

Test Name Metallurgical Process MCQs Test
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Metallurgical Process is so important in the field of chemistry and it contains so interesting information. All the visitors get all the information about Metallurgical Process by attempting these questions. Get Metallurgical Process MCQs Test Online below.

Metallurgical Process Test Online MCQs


1. Smelting involves the reduction of a metal oxide with:

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2. The ores of Ag and Au are concentrated using their solubility in:

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3. The impurities present in a mineral are called:

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The concentration of chromite (FeO.Cr₂O₃) is carried out by:

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5. Bauxite has the formula:

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6. The roasting of an ore is carried out in:

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7. Silver is refined by:

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8. Roasting is carried out in:

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9. The most common ore of copper is:

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10. In a blast furnace, iron oxide is reduced by:

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Forth flotation is used in the metallurgy of:

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12. Carborundum is:

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13. When a sulphide ore is roasted, the product obtained is usually:

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14. Silver is extracted from its ore using NaCN, air and on active metal. The method is known as the:

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In forth flotation, the oil used is:

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