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Motion in One Dimension Test Online MCQs

Test Name Motion in One Dimension MCQs Test
Subject Physics
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 13
Total Marks 26
Total Time 15 Mints
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We are providing Motion in One Dimension Multiple Choice Questions Test over here. All the visitors attempt these questions to check their worth. All these questing will also improve your knowledge and remove errors and doubts about the Motion in One Dimension knowledge.

Motion in One Dimension Test Online MCQs


1. mark reviewA stone is projected vertically up from the bottom of a water tank. Assuming no water resistance it will go up & come down in same time but if water drag is present then the time it takes to go up, t up and the time it takes to come down, t down are related as:

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2. mark reviewTwo spheres of same size one of mass 23 kg and another of mass 4 kg are dropped simultaneously from the top of Qutab Minar (height = 72m). When they are 1m above the ground, the two spheres have the same:

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3. mark reviewA particle is thrown vertically upwards with a velocity of 4ms⁻¹. The ratio of its accelerations after 1s and 2s of its motion is

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4. mark reviewIf a car at rest accelerated uniformly to a speed of 144 km/hour in 20 second it covers a distance:

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5. mark reviewThe position(x) of a particle at any time(t) is given by x(t) = 4t³ – 3t² + 2 the acceleration and velocity of the particle at any time t = 2 sec are respectively

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6. mark reviewThree different objects m₁, m₂ and m₃ are allowed to fall from rest and from the same point O along three different friction-less paths. The speeds of the three objects, on reaching the ground, will be in the ratio of

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7. mark reviewA body is released from the top of the tower H meter high. It takes t second to reach the ground. Where is the body after t/2 second of release?

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8. mark reviewA particle is thrown vertically upwards. Its velocity at half of the height is 10m/s, then the maximum height attained by it will be: (g=10 m/s²)

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9. mark reviewA ball is thrown upwards. Its height varies with time as follows:images (1)If the acceleration due to gravity is 7.5 m/s² then the height h is:

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10. mark reviewA student is standing at a distance of 50 meter from the bus. As soon as the bus begins its motion with an acceleration of 1 ms⁻², the student starts running towards the bus with a uniform velocity u. Assuming the motion to be along a straight road, the minimum value of u, so that the student is able to catch the bus is

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11. mark reviewA body starts from rest with an acceleration a₁. After two seconds another body B starts from rest with an acceleration a₂. If they travel equal distances in fifth second after the starts of A, the ratio a₁ : a₂ will be equal to:

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12. mark reviewA body is thrown vertically upwards with a velocity of 19.6 ms⁻¹. The position of the body after 4 s will be

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13. mark reviewA ball is dropped from a bridge 122.5 m high. After the first ball has fallen for 2 second, a second ball is thrown straight down after it. What must be the initial velocity of the second ball be, so that both the balls hit the surface of water at the same time?

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