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Motion in Two and Three Dimensions Test Online MCQs

Test Name Motion in Two and Three Dimensions MCQs Test
Subject Physics
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15 Mints
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Motion in Two and Three Dimensions Multiple Choice Questions Test being provided over here. All the visitors get these questions to check their information. All these questing and answering will also improve your knowledge and remove errors and doubts about the Motion in Two and Three Dimensions knowledge.

Motion in Two and Three Dimensions Test Online MCQs


1. Rain is falling vertically downwards with a velocity of 3 km/hr. A man walks in the rain with a velocity of 4 km/hr. The rain drop will fall on the man with a velocity of:

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2. A stone tied to the end of a string of 80 cm long, is whirled in a horizontal circle with a constant speed. If the stone makes 14 revolutions in 25 sec, then magnitude if acceleration of the same will be

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3. A car moving on a circular path of length 4π meter experience a force of 6N towards the center of the path. If the mass of the car is 108 kg, the velocity of the car is:

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4. Two vectors having equal magnitudes of x units acting at an angle of 45° have resultant √(2 +√2) units. The value of x is

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5. For a given angle of the projectile if the initial velocity is doubled the range of the projectile becomes

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6. Two projectiles are projected with the same velocity. If one is projected at an angle of 30° and the other at 60° to the horizontal, the ratio of maximum heights reached is:

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7. A body is projected at such angle that the horizontal range is three times the greatest height. The angle of projection is

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8. If two forces of equal magnitudes act simultaneously on a body in the east and the north directions then

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9. The maximum range of a gun horizontal terrain is 10 km. If g = 10 m/s² what must be the muzzle velocity of the shell

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10. If a cyclist moving with a speeds of 4.9 m/s on leveled road can take a sharp circular turn of radius 4m, then the coefficient of friction between cycle tyre and road will be

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11. At the uppermost point of a projectile, its velocity and acceleration are at an angle of

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12. For a particle in a uniformly accelerated circular motion

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13. If two projectiles are fired at the angles 30° and 60° respectively then the ratio of their horizontal ranges is

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14. Two equal vectors have a resultant equal to either of them, then the angle between them will be

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15. A stone to a string is rotated with a uniform speed in a vertical plane. If mass of the stone is m, the length of the string is r and the linear speed of the stone is v, when the stone is at its lowest point, then the tension in the strong will be (g = acceleration due to gravity)

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