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Natural and Artificial Radioactivity Test Online MCQs

Test Name Natural and Artificial Radioactivity Test Online MCQs
Subject Chemistry
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 20
Total Marks 40
Total Time 20 Mints
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Nuclear chemistry is very important branch of chemistry in which we study about the radioactivity, nuclear processes like nuclear transmutation, and nuclear properties. Here you will get Natural and Artificial Radioactivity MCQs Test to increase your knowledge about the nuclear chemistry. This test will help you to clear the viva or interview test easily. Get all the Natural and Artificial Radioactivity Tests below.

Natural and Artificial Radioactivity Test Online MCQs


1. Out of the following the one which has no charge is:

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2. Who observed that when the nucleus of uranium atom was bombarded with fast moving neutrons, it becomes so very unstable that it is immediately broken into two nuclei of nearly equal mass besides other fragments?

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3. The age of most ancient geological formation is estimated by:

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4. The atomic wt. of thorium is 232 and atomic number 90 at the end of disintegration we obtain an isotope of lead (At. Wt. 208, At. no. 82). The no. of emitted (a) and (b) particles are:

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5. Gamma rays are:

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6. When ₈₆Ra³²⁶ emits an α particle, a new element is formed. In which of the group in periodic table does it fall?

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7. The half-life of a radioactive element is 50 days. How long will it take far its activity reduce to ¼ of it original value?

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8. The α-particle is:

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9. When the quantity of a radioactive substance is increased two times, the number of atoms disintegrating per unit time is:

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10. Which of the following is used in dating archaeological findings?

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11. On bombarding ₇N 1⁴ with α particles the nuclei of the product formed, after the release of a proton, will be:

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12. If a radioactive isotopes with atomic number A and mass number M emits an alpha particle, the atomic number and mass number of that new isotope will become:

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13. Radio activity was discovered by:

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14. When a radioactive substance is subjected to a vaccum, the rate of disintegration per second

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15. On bombarding ₈O1⁶ with deuterons, the nuclei of the product formed will be:

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16. In melting lattice structure of solid:

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17. The atomic wt. of uranium is 238 and its atomic number 92. In course of its radioactive disintegration 8α and 6β particles are emitted, the atomic wt. and atomic no. of the resultant atoms are:

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18. An element with atomic number 84 and mass number 218 loses one α particles in three successive stages, the resulting element will have:

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19. Hydrogen bomb is based on the phenomenon of:

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20. If uranium (mass no. 238, atomic number 92) emits α-particles the product has mass no. and atomic number

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