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Nuclear Chemistry Test Online MCQs

Test Name Nuclear Chemistry MCQs Test
Subject Chemistry
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 12
Total Marks 24
Total Time 15 Mints
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Nuclear Chemistry MCQs Test Online for the preparation of Mock test, interviews, written test and chemistry subject admission test. These tests will also increase your knowledge about Nuclear Chemistry. Attempt Nuclear Chemistry MCQs Test Online Below.

Nuclear Chemistry MCQs Test Online


1. A radioactive substance does not emit:


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2. α-particles can be detected using:


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3. Energy released in the nuclear fusion reaction is ₁H² + ₁H³ ₂He⁴ + ₀n¹ Atomic mass of ₁H²= 2.014, ₁H³ = 3.016   ₂He⁴ = 4.003, ₀n¹ = 1.009 amu.


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4. Bi²¹⁰ has a half-life of 5 days. The time taken, for 7/8 of a sample to decay, is:


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5. The energy equivalent of 2.0 mg mass defect is


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6. ₉₂²³⁸U emits 8 α-particles and 6 β-particles. The neutron/proton ratio in the product nucleus is:


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7. Which of the following radioisotopes is used as anticancerous?


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8. Decay constant of a radioactive substance is 69.3 sec⁻¹, find t1/16 of the same substance.


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9. ₁₃A1²⁷ + ₂He⁴₁₄Si³⁰ + ₁H¹ + Q Mass of ₁₃A1²⁷ = 26.9815 amu and mass of ₁₄Si³⁰ = 29.9738. The Q is equal to:


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10. ₆C¹² and ₁T³ are formed in nature due to the nuclear reaction of neutron with


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11. X-Rays are emitted during


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12. The compound used in enrichment of uranium for nuclear power plant is:


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