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Nursing Maternal & Child Health GK Test Online

Test Name Maternal & Child Health GK Test
Subject Nursing
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 20
Total Marks 40
Total Time 15 Minutes
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Nurse’s is unique role on the health care team is the ongoing assessment of the patient’s health status and the patient’s response to their plan of care. Maternal and Child Health (MCH) medical education for every day of the year for​​ Victorian families with children from birth to school age. Maternal and child health nurses can provide information, support and guidance regarding a range of issues including child health, nutrition, breastfeeding, maternal and family health and parenting. This information also helpful for you to understand how to care your children and keep them safe.

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Nursing Maternal & Child Health GK Test Online


1. One of the following is biologically complete food:

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2. Stillbirth rate includes babies dead after:

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3. Mental retardation is define if IQ is below:

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4. Which country had introduced school health services for the first time?

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5. Milk is deficient in:

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6. In a population of 10,000 with birth rate 36 per 1,000 and 5 maternal deaths, the MMR is:

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7. The commonest cause of maternal mortality in India is:

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8. Following is different between human and cow milk:

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9. Breast milk compared to cow's milk has:

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10. IMR upto:

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11. English disease is a term used for:

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12. A healthy mother with a healthy child should start artificial feeding by:

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13. Commonest cause of neonatal mortality in India is:

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14. Presence of the following substance reveals the fact of postcontamination of water:

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15. Low birth weight means a weight of less than:

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16. Postnatal (early) death rate mainly depends upon:

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17. The average birth rate in India is:

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18. Growth is monitored by:

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19. The approximate number of mentally retarded persons in India is around:

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20. Protein in human milk is:

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