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Nursing Parasitology and Entomology Diseases GK Test Online

Test Name Parasitology and Entomology Diseases GK Test
Subject Nursing
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 20
Total Marks 40
Total Time 15 Minutes
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Resource for professionals in the health diploma Nursing education Information on licensed practical nurses, hospitals, patient care, surgery, ambulatory, registered nurses in details. The department also runs the Advanced Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences (ADMLS) in Medical Parasitology and Entomology which is a four semester program. Medical Parasitology/Entomology is also taught to MD III Control of Communicable Diseases (CDC) which includes a field study of two weeks duration.

For more preparation about Diseases of Human health Parasitology Entomology take following question answers test.

Nursing Parasitology and Entomology Diseases GK Test Online


1. Sol & Gel theory was advocated by:

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2. Infection of one of the following may reach lung, liver and brain.

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3. Nematodes are called as:

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4. If Amoeba is kept in distilled water its contractile vacuole:

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5. Schizogony in Plasmodium takes place in:

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6. In malarial infection, lysolecithin that destroys the RBCs is secreted by:

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7. The female Ascaris can be distinguished from the male by:

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8. Which one of the following has no intermediate host?

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9. Golgi cycle is found in:

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10. Sir Ronald Ross discovered that:

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11. Sleeping sickness is due to the bite of:

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12. Elephantiasis disease is transmitted by:

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13. Malaria is an "Insect borne disease", was established by:

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14. Infection of Ascaris is more in:

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15. Filarial larvae are found in:

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16. The infection stage of malarial parasite for human is:

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17. The technical name of pin worm or seat worm is:

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18. Infection of Ascaris usually occur  by:

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19. Euglena reproduce:

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20. Zygote of which one is motile?

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