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Oceans and Seas Info Test Quiz Practice Online

Test Name Oceans and Seas Info Test
Subject General Knowledge
Test Type Mcqs
Total Question 25
Total Marks 50
Total Time 25 Minutes
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Oceans and Seas Info Test Quiz Practice Online

General Knowledge

1. mark reviewWhat is average depth of oceans ?

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2. mark reviewThe greatest known depth of the Red Sea is ?

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3. mark reviewThe area of the Mediterranean Sea is ?

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4. mark reviewWhich of following is the largest ocean that covers about one- third of the surface of earth ?

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5. mark reviewThe place of greatest known depth of Sea of Japan is ?

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6. mark reviewThe second largest ocean of the world ?

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7. mark reviewCaribbean is a large gulf of western Atlantic, which region is bordered by the Caribbean Sea ?

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8. mark reviewThe area of the East China Sea ?

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9. mark reviewArabian Sea is located in Indian Ocean, what is its average depth ?

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10. mark reviewPersian Gulf is located in the Indian Ocean, which other name is also given to it ?

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11. mark reviewIran is located on the northeast of Persian Gulf. Which region is situated on the Southwest of the Gulf ?

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12. mark reviewThe average of depth of the Pacific Ocean is ?

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13. mark reviewThe area of the Atlantic Ocean is ?

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14. mark reviewThe maximum depth of the Arctic Ocean ?

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15. mark reviewThe Arctic Ocean is the smallest ocean and many oceanographers consider it to be a sea of Atlantic. What is its total area ?

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